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World-Friend Adi Da Says: Not-Two IS Peace!

In Not-Two Is Peace, Adi Da has given humanity a remarkable gift: the explanation for our global human dilemma and its necessary remedy — through embrace of principles He elaborates in this book. These principles can be summarized as follows:

Not-Two Is Peace– Act on the basis of “everybody-all-at-once” — rather than on the basis of egoity and “tribalism”

– Engage a lifetime of ego-transcending schooling in what He calls “zero-point education”

– Establish a “Global Cooperative Forum”: a representative collective of “everybody-all-at-once”, acting in the best interests of humanity as a whole and the earth-world in its totality

Adi Da’s message in Not-Two Is Peace is not merely that human beings should resolve the world’s urgent crises, but that we must do so in a radically new way.

He speaks to many of the same global issues discussed by numerous contemporary authors, but His writing addresses these issues at the “root” level, thereby elucidating the fundamentally egoic forces behind humanity’s dangerous trajectory.

Not-Two Is Peace by World Friend Adi Da

In so doing, Not-Two Is Peace proposes a profoundly new paradigm for world change and a cohesive program of solutions that reflect Adi Da’s comprehensive and penetrating understanding of the workings of the earth-world.

High Praise for Not-Two Is Peace

In this book, Adi Da powerfully and elegantly cuts through the collective delusion of separateness upon which modern society is founded. He calls for the establishment of a Global Cooperative Forum based on the presumption of our prior, underlying, and inherent unity.

He writes his wisdom into a time on this planet when, if we do not all start acting, all at once, for the common good, life on this planet will become unlivable for all of us. This book establishes the essential foundation for a new cooperative world order arising from the unity which is prior to our diversity.

Bob Anderson; CEO and Founder, The Leadership Circle

Not-Two Is Peace offers profound wisdom on the root of human conflict, and the path away from a grim destiny. An astonishing gift.

Jonathan Lynch; Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Not-Two Is Peace contains wisdom that can transform the current and ongoing world crises that so desperately need effective conflict resolution. If truly acted upon, what Adi Da advocates has the power to bring an end to the horrors and suffering that are the result of our mad need to differentiate between “us” and “them”.

Hugh O’Doherty; John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Not-Two Is Peace is essential reading for all people who understand the absolutely critical nature of the times we live in, and want to do something about it.

This book offers a vision of global change that is a foundation for linking the best of current efforts with the deep-seated “prior unity” of humankind. What is that, exactly? Read the book. Feel the potential. We can change the disastrous pattern of our times.

Julie Koler; Cultural Resource Manager; Office of Business Relations and Economic Development; King County, Washington

Not-Two Is Peace is well worth reading twice and deserves a place on both public and university library shelves. I recommend it highly with the qualification that it requires concentration and patient attentiveness. It offers a diagnosis and remedy for a world culture of peaceless “mummery” and violence.

Guy Burneko, PhD; The Institute for Contemporary/Ancient Learning; Seattle, Washington

In a world beset with innumerable challenges, Not-Two Is Peace offers a new vision for the future. Adi Da emphasizes “prior unity” as the basis for our decisions and actions.

If we proceed with putting the interests of the whole of humanity first, then there is the possibility of growth and development for the nearly seven billion people on the planet, not just a privileged minority. Such wisdom cannot be ignored.

Sam Pitroda; Chairman, National Knowledge Commission of India

Through the ages, people have struggled with the idea that consciousness and being are a priori to physical manifestation. Today, our awareness of timeless union and inner value finds fragmented expression in a myriad of linear phenomena that we take for reality, including sovereign boundaries, property rights, market prices, interest rates, cyclical bubbles, and externalities such as pollution, poverty, social conflict, terrorism, and war.

In this visionary and epochal book, Adi Da reminds us that humanity is already always a mass subjective unity and beckons us to fully externalize this conscious interconnectivity and ontological interdependence through our economic, social, and political institutions and collective decision-making.

James B. Quilligan; International Economist

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