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Lynnea on South Africa News

June 9, 2018 | Sharpeville, South Africa

Lynnea Bylund on South Africa’s biggest news network, with Dr. Arun Gandhi, who says capitalism has brought misery and suffering around the world. Gandhi was speaking in Sharpeville where he planted a tree in memory of fallen liberation heroes gunned down by apartheid police in 1960. | 

Additional Interviews

Walking Water in California…
… with Dr. Rajendra Singh ‘The Waterman’

On the recent 2016-2017 Gandhi Legacy Tour of India , led by Arun and Tushar Gandhi, we visited Tarun Bharat Sangh Campus to meet Dr. Rajendra Singh and take field tours of a few water bodies Dr. Singh has “resurrected.”  After two amazing days with Dr. Singh and his community, he informed our group about the upcoming Phase 3 of Walking Water in southern California slated for October 14-28, 2017. “More than a Water Walk, it is a movement!”, Singh has exclaimed.  

WALKING WATER is an invitation, an action, an educational journey and a prayer intended to bring together the voices of the many Peoples of the Eastern Sierra and Los Angeles watersheds through the act of walking together, following the waterways — natural and manmade — between Mono Lake and Los Angeles. This video weaves together the stories of how Walking Water came to be and the vision behind the upcoming pilgrimage.”  “Walking Water is about water, people and place – restoring those relations using the most basic of forms – Pilgrimage.” 

From Kate, Gigi and Alan
Core Team Walking Water

Walking Water is a “fervent prayer and pioneering social action” that began 2015 September in eastern California, continued in 2016, and will conclude this year. The “water” the participants are calling attention to is now mostly a memory, for the rivers and creeks of this Eastern Sierra valley were conscripted in the early twentieth century to supply drinking, bathing, and golf-course-greening water for the growing population of Los Angeles. The “walking” part of the name is a pilgrimage that traces the path of those waters.

“Walking Water is not a demonstration, it is not a march against something, instead it is a celebration of the possibilities we have when we come together. Walking Water aims to share stories about water among walkers and those they meet, unite diverse communities around a common concern, and begin exploring ways in which citizens can take a more active role in what happens to their land, water, and air.”

In 2015, we walked water from Mono Lake, near Yosemite National Park, to Owens Lake (180 miles in 22 days)

In 2016, in September and October we trekked water from Owens Lake to the Cascades aqueduct in Sylmar, CA. 

This year in October, Walking Water will complete the journey, from The Sylmar Cascades to Los Angeles.  

To emphasize the inclusiveness of the pilgrimage, organizers have reached out to ranchers, farmers, Native Americans, park administrators, and others, not only asking permission to walk through and camp on their land, but extending invitations for them to join the pilgrimage. Participants may join the walk for an hour or for the duration.

We are walking the path from source to end-user and we enter Los Angeles with stories gathered over the last 2 years – stories of community and tribal resilience as well as severe drought and land appropriation. As we enter a new political time in the USA we are asked to step up in our awareness and action, in our work , our prayer and our dedication with water, the lands and all its peoples. We look forward to walking with you all this year.

We thank you all for your support in any form. May this year be one of solidarity, strengthening of communities and the love and care for water.

GWEI Accepted by UN Economic and Social Council


United Nations Economic and Social Council chamber New York City 2

by MusikAnimalOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

 Gandhi Worldwide Accepted by United Nations Economic and Social Council
Special Consultative Status Bestowed on 
Gandhi Children’s NGO by UN


WACAUNDA, Ill., Aug. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — “The UN Consultative Status for our organization will enable us to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programs, funds and agencies in a number of ways,” stated Arun Gandhi, the organization’s founder and 5th grandson of the Mahatma Gandhi.

In a letter dated July 23, 2015 (World Peace Day, coincidently) the UN ECOSOC acting Chief Alberto Padova wrote: “The new status entitles the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute to designate official representatives to the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the United Nations offices in Geneva and Vienna… and you may designate authorized representatives to sit as observers at public meetings of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, General Assembly, Human Rights Council and other United Nations intergovernmental decision-making bodies.”

“This status will help future fund raising efforts and open up GWEI’s voice at the UN. GWEI will be allowed to host this status at our website and make it part of our grant detail, exec summary, business plan and press release narrative,” said Lynnea Bylund the GWEI director who marshaled the ECOSOC appointment initiative and application process over the past two years.

The ECOSOC Special Consultative Status is reserved for non-profit organizations. GWEI was approved by the United Nations department’s special committee to apply in August 2013. GWEI’s application and work was subsequently scheduled for review by 17 representatives from UN member countries On May 29, 2015, GWEI was officially recommended for Special Consultative Status.

“GWEI now has the option to attend meetings, provided written statements, make oral statements, organize parallel events, and participate in debates, dialogues, panel discussions and informal meetings. Human right issues, peace, security, poverty, status of woman’s issues, trafficking, child rights to education, sustainable development, social development, and technology are some of the issues GWEI will address,” added Lynnea Bylund.

In addition to the ECOSOC appointment Arun Gandhi has been invited by UN General Assembly President Sam Kutesa to address a high-level UN forum declaring a New Culture of Peace on September 9, 2015 in New York.

About Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, a 501c-3 charitable organization, has embarked on an ambitious multi-pronged program to help eradicate the scourge of poverty and human degradation. “Poverty is the worse form of violence,” Mahatma Gandhi said. The priority of the GWEI is to rescue children from the poorest sections of Indian society, those who are the first to become victims of criminal gangs; the second priority is to build local institutions that serve as shelters and learning centers, where the rescued children will receive essential nutrition and education – nourishment for body, mind, and soul. Visit Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute website and blog at for further information and/or to place a donation.


SOURCE: Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

Arun Gandhi’s Address in Piertermaritzburg June 7, 2015


Another spot on address by Arun Gandhi in Piertermaritzburg during the Satyagraha Tour of South Africa. He talks about the purpose of the Gandhi Legacy Tour in South Africa.  

He continues on with: “The thing that touches me most about my grandfather, is the statement that he made just a month or so before his assassination, when a journalist asked him, what do you think is going to happen after your passing to your philosophy?  And he made a very prophetic remark when he said, “the people will follow me in life, worship me in death, but not make my cause their cause.”  That unfortunately, is the tragedy with not just my grandfather, but for all the great people.  We elevate them to saint hood, we worship them after death, but we will not make their cause our cause.  Their cause was to ensure that we bring peace in this world and live in harmony and oneness.”

Watch the following YouTube video to hear Arun’s full message.

Arun notes, that he is honored to address the Pietermartizburg community a second year in a row during the Satyagraha Tour of SA, on the anniversary of this significant event in his grandfather Mohandas Gandhi’s life.

Mohandas Gandhi, the evening of 7 June 1893, was thrown off a train at the Pietermaritzburg Railway Station.

“I was afraid for my very life. I entered the dark waiting-room. There was a white man in the room. I was afraid of him. What was my duty? I asked myself. Should I go back to India, or should I go forward with God as my helper, and face whatever was in store for me? I decided to stay and suffer. My active non-violence began from that date”. Gandhi

Gandhi Satyagraha Tour of South Africa 2015


Arun Gandhi to Receive an Ambassador of Peace Award
in Los Angeles July 10th 2014

An Event Dedicated to World Peace: Join in and Be the Change!

Gandhi_Arun-Photo_HEADSHOT_2011_Photo_Credit_Scott_Kafora_rdax_250x333Dr. Arun Gandhi will be presented an “Ambassador of Peace” award, plus give Keynote Address, July 10th at the “Third International Hispanic-American Poetry Congress” held at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The “Ambassador of Peace” award will be presented by 1985 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (“IPPNW”) participant, Dr. Ernesto Kahan who is a physician and poet. 

Dr. Gandhi’s book, Legacy of Love” is being translated into Spanish, published, presented, and available for sale for the first time at the “Third International Hispanic-American Poetry Congress” July 6 – 12th. The Spanish title, “Legado de Amor,” is being translated by distinguished Venezuelan Poet Carmen Rojas Larrazabal, available online, and in print by: “Editorial Pescar con Redes de Luz.” Dr. Gandhi will receive a certificate from the “North American Academy of the Spanish Language” for his contribution of “Legado de Amor” into the Spanish literary archives.

Dr. Gandhi will also be presented an official diploma of recognition for his leadership role in cultivating World Peace and Nonviolence through Education on Friday, July 11th at the Los Angeles City Hall.

The events mission is to bring international poets and writers together to explore the meaning of the word “Peace” through, literature, arts, and music. The Congress aims at inspiring “reflection into action,” guided by the universal words and wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” The goal of the Congress is to create awareness, understanding, and unity in diversity, activating each other’s consciousness and renewing our profound commitment to “World Peace” through artistic expression and empowering each other as “Positive Change Agents.” 

Highlights for the upcoming program include, participation of the former United States Poet Laureate, Mr. Robert Pinsky, who will present his first Spanish poetry book “Ginza Samba,” followed by a poetry recital accompanied by Jazz music. Also, distinguished French philosopher, Mr. Guy Crequie, a spokesperson for UNESCO, will offer two presentations on World Peace. The event also includes:   

• Art Exhibits 

• Book Presentations  

• Colloquium and Literary Discussion Panels 

 • Concerts 

• Documentaries Presentations  

• Historic and Cultural Tour 

• Literary Lectures 

• Music and Folkloric Dance Performances 

• Poetry Recitals 

• Theatrical Performances  

• Workshops

Participants in the upcoming event: Los Angeles Children’s Choir, Grammy Award winner Pauline Aguirre, Museum of Tolerance, Heal the Bay, Placido Domingo, Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio from the American Academy of the Spanish Language, UNESCO and many others.  

The event will be produced by “Arts and Poetry for Peace Foundation,” Artistic Director Mr. Alfie Martin, from Warner Brothers Studios. This event is endorsed by the World Academy of Arts and Culture through UNESCO. See more @

Dr. Arun Gandhi interview for event publication: Arts and Poetry for Peace Magazine  

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First Satyagraha Tour of South Africa
Led by Arun Gandhi, Embarks This Week

News Announcement Originally Posted at Gandhi Legacy Tour











(PRLEAP.COM) Dana Point, CA May 25, 2014: The inaugural Satyagraha Tour of South Africa enjoys organic synchronicity of critical historical dates of both Mohandas Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.  Highlights include following the path of Gandhi’s travels, initially arriving in Durban, and ultimately departing from Cape Town for his return to India to begin the next phase of his legacy:

Gandhi first arrived in South Africa as a fledgling lawyer in May 1893.

Our arrival to Gandhi’s first ashram, the Phoenix Settlement, occurs on the 97th anniversary of Gandhi’s family move there.

We will board the sleeper train on the 121st anniversary of Gandhi’s removal from that train, which changed the course of history.

We visit Robben Island, the prison that held Mandela for 18 years, on the 50th anniversary of Mandela’s life sentence for sabotage against the Apartheid government of South Africa.

We depart Cape Town on the eve of Gandhi’s 100th anniversary of his very own departure from Cape Town back to India.

Also scheduled are special meetings with historic figures that played a significant role in the fight for freedom during Apartheid, like Ahmed Kathrada and Ela Gandhi, Gandhi’s granddaughter who spent years under house arrest for her South African activism.

There’s something in all of us that hungers after the good and true, and when we glimpse it in people, we applaud them for it. Through them we let the world’s pain into our hearts, and we find compassion. When things go wrong or have been terribly wrong for some time, their inspiration reminds us of the tenderness for life that we can all feel.”   Archbishop Desmond Tutu

As a part of the first Satyagraha Legacy Tour of South Africa, there are several projects we visit that are aligned to Gandhi’s principals and are geared toward giving back, including: (Read more…)

Vandana Shiva & Arun Gandhi On The Air

January 31, 2014 | Two remarkable modern heroes, were on the air with Dr. Gary Null. Null’s ‘Conversations With Remarkable Minds series. Both on this same hour show, a great listen. Was happy and honored to help arrange these interviews between Vandana Shiva and Arun Gandhi with Gary Null, one of my early holistic health influencers, also known as a take-no-prisoners health activist and author of several books including the recently published Reverse Arthritis & Pain Naturally.

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a renown environmental and social activist, and formerly one of India’s top nuclear physicists. She is regarded as the leading pioneer behind India’s ecological and ecofeminism movement. In 1982 Dr. Shiva founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, which led to the creation of Navdanya – an organization dedicated to the restoration of organic farming across India and the preservation of indigenous knowledge and culture.


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Cal-Earth Apprentices Arrive in Kolhapur India

Whitey at Cal-Earth

Excerpt from Whitey Flagg’s ShelterSpace blog

In September I returned to Southern California to begin my long-term apprenticeship at Cal-Earth.

– See also: Amazing SuperAdobe

I learned Super-adobe and many different types of foundations, flooring, plastering, waterproofing, and much more. I have been studying Permaculture for some time but was also able to participate in a PDC course and finally receive my certificate. As a bonus, this course ended with an unexpected visit from Geoff and Nadia Lawton who gave a one day lecture on “Greening the Mojave Desert”.

While I was teaching a workshop on how to build an emergency sandbag shelter, we received a visit from Lynnea Bylund of Catalyst House, a strategic alliance  consultancy, and her guest, Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of the Mahatma. Lynnea and Tushar sit on the Board of Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, a benefactor of the AVANI Organization, which provides child labor rescue and women’s advocacy in India. Together, the two organizations are building a residence for children and an educational facility near the town of Kolhapur.

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Seed Freedom Now!October is a very important month for Seed Freedom worldwide.

Join in! Occupy Seed! Seed Freedom now!


Oct 2nd – Oct 16th 2012 

From 2nd October (Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary), to 16th October (World Food Day) the Global Alliance for Seed Freedom is planning intensive actions to create a global citizens’ response on the issue of Seed Freedom that we hope will act as a wake up call for citizens and the government. Gandhi had said, “as long as the superstition that unjust laws must be obeyed exist, so will slavery exist”. Humanity and diverse species on the Earth are being pushed into a new form of seed slavery. In the spirit of Gandhi, we therefore call for a civil disobedience against unjust laws.

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Arun Gandhi to provide Keynote for Brazilian Education Conference

Mahatma Gandhi Grandson to provide Keynote Address at Brazilian Education Conference

Arun Gandhi to speak at Salvador Bahia Annual Forum: Education in the First Place 

Arun Gandhi Peace Speaker in Brazil

Dr. Arun Gandhi

Dr. Arun Gandhi, noted peace and human rights activist and president of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (‘GWEI’) has accepted an invitation introduced by Catalyst House, to provide keynote address from the Brazilian City of Salvador Bahia (Salvador da Bahia) at the City’s annual Education in the First Place Forum, it was announced today by Emilia Queiroga Barros its Executive Director.  Dr. Gandhi’s keynote opening entitled: ‘Education, a Legacy of Love will be given on June 26, 2012 at the Teatro Castro Alves complex.

Arun Gandhi, the fifth grandson of Indian leader Mohandas K. Gandhi, aka Mahatma Gandhi, is an advocate for nonviolence and has been a Washington Post columnist, has worked for 30 years as a journalist for The Times of India, and is the author of several books, including “A Patch of White” (1949) and Legacy of Love (2002). In 2011 Dr. Gandhi provided the keynote address to a gathering of 30,000 attendees at Dali Lama’s birthday event in Washington DC.

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Review of Tasting The Moon

Going well beyond the bestselling Eat Pray Love, Tasting The Moon tells the story of a “no holds barred” pathway through life—from the author’s eccentric childhood, through the tumultuous 60s, to the ashram of Adi Da Samraj, her spiritual Guru whom she discovered in the 70s.

tasting the moonWith disarming and raw candor, Meg Fortune McDonnell recounts the ego-deaths and transformations she went through as she followed her unorthodox teacher around the globe—and to uncharted spiritual dimensions not located on any map.*

 — *From the publisher

To connect her riveting confessions to current events, McDonnell draws on diverse references from “Vanity Fair” to “The Buddhist Bible” and Alanis Morisette to Ramana Maharshi, deftly tracing the recent epoch of our collective spiritual quest along with her personal adventures.

The three decades McDonnell spent under the tutelage of her enigmatic master were filled with sometimes hair-raising, sometimes hilarious, ultimately uplifting explorations of everything, including: what vampires tell us about the taboo against the spirit and what it really means to be “sexually liberated,” healing debilitating Oedipal wounds and thawing the icy character that freezes out love, uncovering new gender roles and empowering female strengths, dancing as tribal prayer for world peace, recurring and mysterious synchronicities, what true beauty is—in art, friends, & avatars, and blessing meant for everyone.

A fascinating life, masterfully told.

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The UK London Barter Report

City of LondonThe world economy may be crashing but these are exciting times for barter currency and exchange systems.  Since 2002 we’ve been saying that the economy is going to get a lot worse before it gets better… and the worse it gets the more importantly barter and those who facilitate its mechanisms will fare.  

On the 8th December the City of London, in conjunction with various U.K councils, NGOs and think tanks, commissioned a report from Y/Zen Group, the City’s prominent think tank, assessing the future scope and potential for trade, excess capacity exchange, and commerical barter to increasingly augment local and national economies. 

Surveyed barter exchanges, banks and industry professionals were asked to attend workshops and submit copies of their internal documents, audited accounts and plans to help provide some background industry information for this report.

Ormita Commerce 

With offices in 17 countries Ormita is appearing increasingly relevant where governments and industry envision the future of barter and money itself.

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Arun Gandhi’s Message of Peace in U.S.

Preaching the message of peace and nonviolence at the recent Peace Conference in Palm Spring, California, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi said, “Over the years we have been feeding the wrong wolf in us, and so we have seen this escalation of violence.” The conference was hosted by Rotary International at the Palm Springs Convention Center on November 13th.

Arun Gandhi at Palm Springs Convention Center

Arun Gandhi at Palm Springs Convention Center. Photo credit: Wade Nomura

“Experts say 80 percent of violence we experience stems from anger,” Gandhi said, and “If you want to learn nonviolence and practice nonviolence, learn how to understand your anger and control it. Anger is like electricity. It’s just as powerful and just as useful, but only if we use it intelligently.”

Talking of the conference, Denise Wadsworth of Rotary International stated, “The goal is to give opportunities for people of many cultures to come together in a beautiful setting to promote peace and understanding.”

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Arun Gandhi to speak in Palm Springs Peace Conference

Attend the Palm Springs Rotary Peace Conference. Listen and participate in topics on Peace through Education. Hear the words of Arun Gandhi, Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee and Rotary Peace Fellows. 

Arun Gandhi Rotary Peace Palm Springs

“Peace Through Education Is Possible” 

PALM SPRINGS, CA – Peace is Possible, and on November 13, 2011 Rotarians and peacemakers on the west coast will gather in Palm Springs at the Palm Springs Convention Center to discuss this very theme at the Rotary Peace Conference. This event, hosted by Rotary International Director Ken Boyd is one of a series that have taken place throughout the world.

“What is special about the event is our Keynote Speaker Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas Gandhi, and the public is invited,” says Host Chair Dr. Garbis Der-Yeghian. “Mr. Gandhi, founder of M.K. Gandhi Institute, will share his views on non-violence with riveting and unique reflections on the personal and historical legacy of his grandfather, Mohandas Gandhi.

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Lead Research Group Ranked #78 INC 500 2011

LRG is among Inc’s list of Top 10 Marketing & Advertising Companies as a result of a 3,000% three-year growth!

Lead Research Group 2011 INC 500Huntington Beach, CA— Lead Research Group, a full-service direct marketing agency, is proud to announce that Inc. Magazine has ranked the company #78 on their 30th Annual INC 500 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the country, recognizing their success and potential for the future.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Lead Research Group (LRG) joins the rarified company of organizations that have appeared on the list multiple times.

2011 INC 500 Lead Research Group“We’re honored to have been named to the INC 500 list three years in a row, which is not often achieved. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our team in serving clients,” said Matthew Marsh , Co-Founder and President, Lead Research Group. “We’re excited for our future and plan to continue building our service capacity in delivering innovative advertising solutions and technology to support growth—No doubt about it, big things are ahead for LRG.”

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CAT Client Named #23 on INC-500 List

A very big congratulations to our client Lead Research Group!


Lead Research Group Tops the Annual Inc. 500  List of Fastest Growing Private Companies, AGAIN!

Huntington Beach-based Advertising and Marketing Company Reports a Whopping 7,000% Growth to Claim #23rd Spot.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inc. Magazine has named Lead Research Group (LRG), a marketing and advertising agency located in Orange County, Ca., 23rd on its annual list of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the U.S. The 2010 Inc. 500 list features the most comprehensive look at the most significant segment of the economy – America’s entrepreneurial sector.

“LRG’s business advertising model is the catalyst of our impressive sales growth and confirms our unique presence in the marketing marketplace.”

LRG’s turnkey approach, for customized lead generation and marketing solutions, was also recognized by its number three position on the Inc. 500 list for Advertising and Marketing companies.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Inc. once again, as it highlights our innovative business marketing model that focuses solely on successful ROI,” said CEO Ryan Rasmussen. “LRG’s business advertising model is the catalyst of our impressive sales growth and confirms our unique presence in the marketing marketplace.”

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BBC: Gandhi Institute Fights Child Trafficking & Poverty

Gandhi Institute’s Efforts against Child Trafficking and Child Labor Examined in BBC Special Report

Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson Combats Forced Child Labor and Child Trafficking – Featured on This Week’s BBC World News – the Fast Track Series

View BBC report here – Gandhi’s grandson helps India’s poor

WAUCONDA, Ill.– (EON: Enhanced Online News)–Dr. Arun Gandhi, President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (‘GWEI’), announced today that his organization’s efforts to combat forced child labor and child trafficking will be one of the featured examinations on this week’s BBC World News – the Fast Track series.

“Poverty is the worse form of violence”

Photo: Scott Kafora / / Click to enlarge

Part of a week-long exploration of organizations involved in a commonality of efforts to improve the plight of children, fight child labor and child trafficking and to promote a greater well-being around the world, the Gandhi segment will include footage taken in India in December 2009 with Dr. Arun Gandhi and Tushar Gandhi (grandson and great grandson, respectively, of Mahatma Gandhi) examining theGWEI’s efforts in rescuing, educating and feeding children living in the slums of Kolhapur, 200 miles south of Bombay.

“There are many evils still rampant in our 21st Century world, not the least of which are the three malignant sisters of child malnutrition, child trafficking and forced child labor, and continued lack of child education. As planetary awareness builds around these issues we hope to see these destroyers of childhood promise eradicated,” adds Dr. Gandhi.

The Gandhi Fast track segment may be viewed online here – Gandhi’s grandson helps India’s poor

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Bylund Honored as Business Woman of the Year, AGAIN! WASHINGTON, DC, June 11, 2007 – The National Republican Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council has announced that Lynnea Bylund of Orange County, California will receive its 2006 Business Woman of the Year Award for California! Read complete release online complete release online

Lynnea Bylund Receives Congressional Medal of Distinction! WASHINGTON, DC, September 25, 2006-The National Republican Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council has announced that Lynnea Bylund of Dana Point, California will receive its 2006 Congressional Medal of Distinction! Read. complete release online

AD|MAX Receives Funding Commitment, Adds TV Media in Development Dana Point, Calif. September 10, 2006–Dana Point, CA Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her company’s AD|MAX media unit has received a confirmation of financial assurance in the amount of $400,000 in equity capital from its strategic partner Innovative Brands International, LLC. (‘IBI’). Read complete release online

LYNNEA BYLUND NAMED 2006 REPUBLICAN OF THE YEAR Local Media Pioneer Awarded Prestigious Honor from the National Republican Congressional Committee (WASHINGTON, DC) September 5, 2006 –The National Republican Congressional Committee,s (NRCC) Business Advisory Council announced last week that Lynnea Bylund of Dana Point, Calif. is a 2006 Republican of the Year from California. Read complete release online

Luxury automotive innovator, Special Vehicle Concepts, retains AD|MAX, announces marketing shift Dana Point, CA. August 4, 2006– Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her Company’s AD|MAX Media unit has entered into an exclusive marketing contract with Special Vehicle Concepts, Inc. (‘SVC’) wherein AD|MAX will provide market expansion strategies, solutions and expertise that will enable SVC to more effectively market its outstanding line of high-end vehicle customization products and accessories via e-commerce channels and to automobile dealerships and independent vehicle accessorization and aftermarket providers throughout North America. Read complete release online.

AD|MAX Holds Successful Equity Seminar, Partners with Innovative Brands International – Dana Point, CA. July 25, 2006/CAT eNEWS/ — Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund announced today that her Company’s AD|MAX Media unit’s first equity seminar was a success, and that the Company simultaneoulsy consummated an exclusive strategic partnership with Innovative Brands International, LLC. Read complete release online.

Catalyst House completes Par Lago land registration For beautiful Cherokee Village, Arkansas – Dana Point, CA. July 5, 2006 /CAT eNEWS/ — Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her Company’s Administrative Services division has completed an extensive 600 page federal registration, on behalf of client Par Lago Marketing Group, LLC. (‘PLMG’), and submitted the weighty document to the Office of Interstate Land Sales Registration, an arm of the Housing and Urban Development Authority (HUD). Read complete article online.

BARTER NEWS Open Letter June 20, 2006 — Dana Point, CA–In response to your opening letter of the 6/13/06 Tuesday Report, wherein you described derivatives as having an “important purpose” and offering protection from risk, I must say that I bristled in dismay as you went on to describe small business barter-generated trade dollars as yet another form of these derivatives. I have another name for these so-called derivative instruments: synthetic financial aberrations. Read complete release online Receives Congressman Campbell’s Outstanding Achievement Certificate – Dana Point, CA. /June 6, 2006 /CAT eNEWS / — Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her Company’s AD|MAX Media unit has received Rep. John Campbell’s (R-CA) Certificate of Outstanding Achievement. “Congressman Campbell’s Certificate recognizes the outstanding achievement of AD|MAX’s!”
Read complete release online.

AD|MAX Partners with Smart SMST Corp. – Dana Point, CA. June 2, 2006 /CAT eNEWS / — Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her Company’s AD|MAX Media unit has entered into an exclusive strategic alliance with wireless messaging innovator SmartSMST Corporation (OTC:SRSM.PK) whereby SmartSMST will provide premium mobile text-message marketing technology and services to AD|MAX’s bundled merchant media campaigns. Read complete article online.

AD|MAX Retains TVA Capital – Dana Point, CA. May 30, 2006 /CAT eNEWS /— Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her Company’s AD|MAX Media unit has entered into an exclusive representation agreement with investment banking innovator TVA Capital whereby TVA will provide strategic capital formation representation, and related business development and investment advisory. Read complete release online

AD|MAX Unveils Orange County ‘Super Portal’ – Dana Point, Ca. April 17, 2006 /CAT eNEWS/ — Catalyst House, Inc. managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her Company’s AD|MAX Media unit has launched a new Web-based community directory to serve the Orange County California region. Called ‘’, the new site is a veritable ‘super portal’ for local shopping values and savings, local search, local news, local food and entertainment… essentially LOCAL EVERYTHING in Orange County! Read complete release online.

Bartering, for the Bottom Line – Irvine, Ca. April 17, 2006 /OC Metro/ — For many people, the word “barter” conjures up quaint images of an obsolete way of doing business. Old, maybe, but not obsolete. So says Lynnea Bylund, founder and managing director of Catalyst House, Inc. According to Bylund, “If your company isn’t using the barter system, you are now in the minority.”
Read complete article online.

XRAYMEDIA’S Live Negotiating Platform -LMM- is Chosen for Catalyst House Franchise Rollout VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE) — Jan. 26, 2005–XRAYMEDIA, Inc., (OTCBB:XRYMNews), the media industry’s leader in real-time negotiating technology, is pleased to announce that the company continues to move forward with AD/MAX Media, LLC., the subsidiary of media partner Catalyst House. AD/MAX has chosen to use XRAYMEDIA’s live negotiating platform (LMM) for its anticipated nationwide franchise program. Read complete release online

Catalyst House Subsidiary Secures $10,000,000 Credit Facility, Partners with XRAYMEDIA Las Vegas, NV. January 11, 2005 /CAT eNEWS/ Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea M. Bylund, announced today that her company’s AD|MAX Media unit has secured a $10 million combined media-based credit facility from the dual sources of Springboard Capital Corporation and Millennium Capital Quest Corp.  Additionally, the company has been granted sales agency rights to an additional $40+ million in deeply discounted major media running the gamut of newspaper, TV, radio, and Web. Read complete release online.

Bartercard U.S. Receives Bridge Capital Las Vegas, NV. August 19, 2004 — Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her agency has successfully instigated multiple bridge capital draw-downs for Bartercard U.S. throughout the preceding 18 months.  These capital infusions have proven vital to Bartercard U.S.ís survival, states Ms. Bylund. Read complete release in PDF (27 KB).

Bartercard U.S. & International Trade Group Announce Strategic Merger Burbank, CA. August 13, 2004 — International Trade Group (‘ITG’), a network of ‘trade-exchange’ offices headquartered in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, announced today that it has reached an agreement to “integrate and consolidate” its operations with Bartercard United States, Inc. (‘BCUSI’), the North American licensee of the world’s largest and most successful trade-exchange – Bartercard International. Read complete release in PDF (31 KB).

Springboard Capital / Bartercard U.S. Commence Strategic Real Estate Research Santa Ana, CA. August 10, 2004 Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her agency has instigated a strategic research initiative between Bartercard U.S. and Springboard Capital Corporation that may provide for the purchase and development of select real estate properties using barter-based ìtrade-dollars.î Read complete release in PDF (30 KB).

Catalyst House, Inc. Elects New Director and BarterCardUSA Acquires an Equity Partner Position in ADMAX, LLC. Los Angeles, CA November 10, 2003 — Catalyst House, Inc., announced today that Mark Savoy, Chairman of BartercardUSA (“BUSA”), has been elected to the company’s Board of Directors. Savoy immediately assumes the role of Director and BUSA acquires an equity partner position in ADMAX, LLC.… Read complete release

BartercardUSA Closes Bridge Finance from Springboard Capital Irvine, CA. January 8, 2003 — Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her agency has fashioned a strategic alliance between BartercardUSA and Springboard Capital Corp. … Read complete release in PDF (179 KB).

New Catalyst House Unit Announces Partnership With World’s Largest B2B ‘Trade Exchange!’ — Las Vegas, Nv. and Santa Ana, Ca. – November 22, 2002 /CATNewswire/ — Newly launched Catalyst House unit – AD|MAX Media Solutions, an agency introducing local California merchants to its “unified multi-stream” campaign – announced its strategic-partnership with Bartercard today. Read complete release in PDF (182 KB).

CATALYST HOUSE TO REPRESENT SIR ROBERT GELDOF’S NEW ‘LIBERTY BLOOM’ November 3, 2002 Las Vegas, Nevada —, a new company that has developed a peer to peer e-marketing technology designed to join independent micro-businesses worldwide into one large profitable organization, … Read complete release in PDF. (143 KB)

AD|MAX Merchants To Receive RaveReviews! SANTA ANA, CA. July 31, 2002 /PRNewswire/ — AD|MAX Media Solutions managing advisor, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that the Company has secured an arrangement whereby its merchant marketing clients will receive website-based ìstreaming testimonialsî to be provided by Read complete release in PDF (149 KB).

Grow Your Business Today with Catalyst House The Source for all business solutions through strategic product and service alliances that ensure important leadership positions… Read complete release in PDF (149 KB). High Res for print.(997 KB)

Catalyst House Launches New ‘Merchant Media’ Unit -Local O.C. Merchants to Receive the Power of an All-In-One Unified-Multi-Stream of Marketing Media – Tv, Mail, Internet, Radio, and Barter! SANTA ANA, CA. – May 17, 2002 – a newly formed business unit of Catalyst House – AD|MAX Media Solutions, an agency introducing local California merchants to its “unified multi-stream” campaign…. Read complete release in PDF. (173 KB)

DENNIS WEAVER’S DRIVE FOR LIFE TO PROMOTE ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLES Ridgway, Colorado — On October 26, 2001, the Institute of Ecolonomic (“IOE”) founder and President Dennis Weaver and his team will drive alternative fueled vehicles from Los Angeles, California to Denver Colorado to promote public awareness of new… Read complete release in PDF. (144 KB)

CATALYST HOUSE AND FIRST CHARTER ANNOUNCE MOU AND INTENT TO MERGE October 14, 2001 Las Vegas, Nevada — Catalyst House announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with First Charter Investment Corporation (FCIC) of Del Ray Beach, FL, an international capital-formation consultant and merchant banker… Read complete release in PDF. (140 KB)

Chrons Store Interview

Lynnea Bylund Interview Series
Nov 27-Dec 1, 2009


… continue to Parts 2-5 (Read more…)

FOUNDER NAMED EDITOR OF SPRINGBOARD NEWS Santa Ana, Calif., August 25, 2001 – Springboard Capital Corporation. (also “SBC”), a company using the Internet to create a new private equity marketplace to serve the needs of high net worth investors and established businesses, announced Catalyst!House; and its founder… Read complete release in PDF. (153 KB)

INVITATION TO FESTIVAL OF ARTS VIP NIGHT PERFORMANCE OF “BEYOND THE HORIZON”. Read complete release in PDF. ( 92 KB)   On behalf of the Festival of the Arts Board of Directors, it is our pleasure to invite you to our VIP Night Pageant performance of “Beyond the Horizon.”

PEOPLE MAGAZINE – April 9, 2001 Special Oscar Edition Cover Story – “Based on a True Story”, features Adrian Cronauer and his true life story “Good Morning Vietnam”. Read complete release in PDF.(122 KB)

DVP Forms Strategic Alliance With Catalyst House April 2, 2001 – Chris Baker – 209.478.2205 or 415.820.7499 or San Francisco, CA, USA – Delta Venture Partners (DVP) announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Catalyst House (Laguna Beach, CA), an international teaming consultant…. Read complete release in PDF. (135 KB)

CATALYST HOUSE  JOINS PAN PACIFIC PARTNERS February 7, 2001 Las Vegas, Nevada – Catalyst House has been accepted as a ‘Strategic Alliance Specialist’ and Partner to Pan Pacific Partners (PPP), a Silicon Valley-based Strategic Investment Banker and trading and financing agency with offices in Palo Alto, Beijing, and Hong Kong… Read complete release in PDF. (193 KB)

THE BOSS. From Ol’ Blue Eyes to the Beatles and beyond, Peter Bennett has touched showbiz royalty By Tony Lofaro. The Prince of Promotions is holding court at Patsy’s — one of Frank Sinatra’s favourite New York restaurants — and talking about the Beatles. It all makes sense. Peter Bennett has worked with both Sinatra and the Fab Four during an astounding career that has touched most of the big… Read complete release in PDF. (345 KB) High Res for print.(1,642 KB)

NewDeal Inc Announces the Establishment of GreenPC Inc, Subsidiary Company Dedicated to Providing Quality, Low Cost Computer and Internet Solution to Global Mass Markets November 1, 2000– NewDeal Inc today announced the establishment of a new subsidiary GreenPC Inc Formed in April of 2000,GreenPC Inc is dedicated to providing high quality, lowRead complete release in PDF. (134 KB)

FRESH CREATIONS ANNOUNCES MUSIC FESTIVALS Hamilton Bermuda, August 25, 2000 – Bermuda-based Fresh Creations, in conjunction with global telecom supplier, Alcatel, has announced a new music festival series kicking off with The Fifth Annual Bermuda Jazz Festival. The Bermuda Jazz Festival will feature a line-up of living legends representing a range… Read complete release in PDF. (172 KB)

Diana Krall, Spyro Gyra and Roberta Flack Headline Grand Event
HAMILTON, BERMUDA, April 15, 2000 -This year, the Bermuda Jazz Festival offers guests “all that jazz,”with a line-up of living legends representing a range of dynamic interpretations… Read complete release in PDF. (169 KB)

MEET THE PRESIDENTS. Six leaders present their innovative approaches to technology access and sustainable development. Read complete release in PDF.(93 KB)  Institute of Ecolonomics, Dennis Weaver; ABWI, Fran Close; New Deal, Inc., Clive Smith; Stirling Energy, David Slawson; Catalyst House, Inc., Lynnea Bylund

The Solar Solution Renewable energy is starting to capture corporate America’s attention. With the power crisis worsening, solar is taking its place in the sun. BY SCOTT HARRIS HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. LIKE GIANT ROBOTIC SUNFLOWERS, THE machines that Boeing engineer Kenneth Stone has tended for nearly 20 years awaken with the dawn… Read complete release in PDF. (229 KB)


Catalyst House and clients sponsor this years Millennium King Cross-Cultural Festival of the Arts in Collaboration with the USC California Science Center.Los Angeles, CA, January 22, 2000 Catalyst House and key clients have been invited by Anita Marie Productions and the USC Science Center to put together an exhibition for the Millennium … Read complete release in PDF.(184 KB)

Catalyst House, in cooperation with BWN, arranged an international press conference for Clive Smith, Sheila Shisulu and Dennis Weaver. Washington DC – October 18, 1999 October 18, 1999 –1:00 — 2:30 pm The Ambassadors Luncheon brought to you by Catalyst House, ABWI, BWN, Department of Commerce, American Foreign Services and Bank of America… Read complete release in PDF. (139 KB)

DENNIS WEAVER TO BE NAMED “FIRST WORLD VISIONARY” AT LARGEST GLOBAL SUMMIT OF KIND IN WASHINGTON MONDAY 18, 1999 October 15, 1999 [email protected] Washington DC — The world’s first event of its scope and purpose, the Global Business Summit of the Business… Read complete release in PDF. (120 KB)

FIRST WOMEN’S GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT IN NATION’S CAPITAL BEGINS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17-19, 1999 — 1500 DELEGATES FROM 91 COUNTRIES AND 46 STATES — October 14, 1999 Jan DuPlain (202) 244-3338 Washington, DC — The First Women’s Global Business Summit, organized by the … Read complete release in PDF.(125 KB)

ABWI / Catalyst House and clients sponsor this years Ambassadors’ Luncheon and Awards Ceremony of Global Business Summit in DC Representatives from more than 50 nations to attend, actor Dennis Weaver to be recognized for outstanding contributions Washington DC, October 12, 1999: Considered among the most significant annual conferences… Read complete release in PDF. (153 KB)

ASIA PACIFIC TRADE MISSION, AUSTRALIAAugust 3-11 1999 Fran Close, Chair of Hilary’s Welfare to Work program, chair of the White House Global Woman’s Trade and Commerce Summit is leading a trade mission down to Australia in which is certified by the US Commerce Department and it is a Presidential mission and President Clinton and the Prime Minister… Read complete release in PDF.(201 KB)

INVITATION TO THE AUSTRALIA / US BUSINESS LEADERS’ FORUM. Read complete release in PDF. (192 KB)  –  Premier of New South Whales, Australia’s letter of invitation to Ms. Lynnea Bylund to participate in the inaugural Australia/US Business Leaders Forum in Sydney to strengthen and expand trade and investment ties.

CONNECTIONS – LONDON, ENGLANDBusiness Connections 99 was given a Royal seal of approval when it opened by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent.  Lynnea Bylund had the opportunity to meet The Duke of Kent and discuss digital divide solutions.

GLOBALIZATION, World Bank Discussion on Information, Knowledge and Development – part 2 On the edge of the 21st Century, it is clear that computer literacy and Internet access are pivotal requirements for both economic advancement and democratic participation throughout the world.  Literacy itself is increasingly being defined in terms of the ability to manage and process information, not just the ability to read.

GLOBALIZATION, World Bank Discussion on Information, Knowledge and Development – part 1 As the philosophers among us debate the interrelationship of “information-knowledge-data-wisdom,” we move deeper into the technological information age… and we have a critical mission to bring the power of information and access into our children’s hands throughout the world even in the remotest of communities.

NEW DEAL ARTICLE (in Portuguese) – Amapa, Brazil Jornal Do Dia’s Informatica – Prodap e NIC Se Juntam Para Globalizar A Informatica No Amapa.  Lynnea Bylund featured during her trip to the Amazon and gave presentation to the Information Lab.

WIRELESS PHONE SERVICE COMPETITION GETS UNDERWAY – FCC PRESS RELEASE. Read complete release in PDF. (157 KB)  Washington, DC – Today, FCC Chairman Reed Hundt personally awarded licenses to compete in the wireless phone service market.  The FCC’s broadband PCS auction offered 99 licenses and netted $7.7 billion of the US government, securing a place in the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest auction in world history.

FCC CONGRATULATORY LETTER FROM CHAIRMAN REED HUNDT. Read complete release in PDF. (111 KB)FCC Chairman Reed Hundt letter to Ms. Lynnea Bylund.  “I’d like to invite you to join President Clinton, Vice President Gore and me in celebrating this triumph of reinvented government at a ceremony to be held at the FCC Auction Site.  We would be honored to have you with us.”

GLOBAL Interspecies Jam 2000

December 31, 1999 – The world’s first year long Millennium Broadcast event: the interactive Global Interspecies Jam. The Event will Start this New Years Eve (December 31, 1999) and will continue throughout Year 2000.  Coordinated by Satellite and Internet from Palm Springs, California and Maui, Hawaii, the Jam will culminate on New Years Eve 2001 in a Live Super-Event !!  The Global Interspecies Super-Millennium Jam with the Whales and Dolphins will broadcast just as the new Millennium starts.  Music and Video specially designed by Emmy award winner Paul Gilman and other world renowned performing artists and spiritual leaders will be broadcast to a Global Audience of as many as 2.5 to 4.5 Billion International viewers, including segments transmitted directly to the undersea species from on-board a specially equipped submarine.

(Read more…)

Lynnea on PBS MacNeil Lehrer

In 1995 Lynnea Bylund became the first female in the world to be awarded a Broadband PCS operating permit – she was one of only 18 winners, along with Sprint, AT&T, Pacific Bell, etc., in the biggest cash auction in world history raising a whopping $7.7 billion – her company was awarded licenses to operate wireless systems in Hawaii and American Samoa – South Seas Satellite Communications Corporation.

Additional Interviews

ABC Home Show Appearance

ABC Home Show | Peace Tree | Environmental Segment
LifeSpring Workshop | Ecology of Being | Caring for Spaceship Earth
– January 11, 1991 –

Peace Tree Planting at Mission Montessori in Laguna Niguel, CA.

The founder of LifeSpring and the Human Potential Movement, John Hanley invited me to captain his first experiential “Environmental Workshop” slated to be hosted in Orange County. I accepted the challenge and then called my best girlfriend to see if it was possible the workshop might be covered as a “The Home Show” segment. She pitched the idea to one of the segment producers which resulted in the following clip.
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