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Happy Jayanti Adi Da!

Baby Adi Da BirthdayOn this auspicious day November 3, 1939 the Great Sage Adi DA Samraj was born, the conscious descent of Avataric Light, existing in a Condition of continual Radiance and Joy. And when, as an infant, He acquired the capability of language, He gave a name to this Condition, calling it simply “the ‘Bright’”. His naming of the “Bright” was the beginning of His Work of Teaching, Truth and Reality.

diwali-greetings-8This year beloved Adi DA’s ‘Jayanti’  (divine birthday) is especially auspicious  as it synchronizes with the start of the Hindu Diwali and New Year, and a unique solar eclipse as well.

Diwali, which starts the New Year for many, is the largest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. Known as the festival of LIGHT, it’s marked by four days of celebration that literally illuminates India and the world with its brilliance.

Solar EclipseToday parts of the planet will experience a solar eclipse borne of a new moon in Scorpio. Scorpio ushers in the dark, dying season in the northern hemisphere, and a symbol of darkness, death, taxes, ghosts, high finance, taboos, sexuality, intimacy and rebirth, Scorpio has a big reputation to fill–dark, powerful and sexy, strong, mysterious and trans-formative as well as nasty, destructive and selfish.  We all have a share of this energy, say the astrologers.

This Scorpio New Moon is a rare hybrid Solar Eclipse, both an annular and total eclipse.   An annular eclipse is when there’s a ring of fire around the Sun; a total eclipse is when the Moon blocks out all of the Sun’s rays.   Most of the eclipse can be seen in the Atlantic, southwestern Europe and most of Africa.   People on the East Coast of the Americas can see it toward sunset.

Happy Diwali, Happy Scorpio Eclipse, and Happy Jayanti Beloved Adi DA!

Adi Da Birthday of Conscious Light


lynnea2 The BoardLynnea Bylund is managing director of Gandhi Legacy Tours, Director of Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, founder of Catalyst House and has nearly three decades of experience in administration, marketing and business development. She was a nationally recognized spokeswoman for the emerging alternative video and information delivery industries. She has a degree in holistic health-nutrition from the legendary and controversial health educator and activist Dr. Kurt Donsbach, she is the founder of two not-for-profit small business-based wireless trade associations and has lobbied on Capitol Hill and at the FCC where she has spoken out strongly against the cable TV monopoly, illegal spectrum warehousing and ill-conceived congressional schemes to auction our nation’s precious airwaves to the highest bidder.

Ms. Bylund is a founder and former CEO of a Washington DC telecommunications consulting and management company with holdings in several operating and developmental wireless communications systems and companies. In 1995 Lynnea became the first female in the world to be awarded a Broadband PCS operating permit – she was one of only 17 winners, along with Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon in the biggest cash auction in world history, raising a whopping $8 billion. Lynnea also spear-headed the successful effort to launch the first cable TV network in the South Pacific islands.
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