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Gandhi Tour Grants for Youth!

Originally Posted at GWEI

Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (“GWEI”) Board of Directors has established the “Essay of Excellence”, a youth “Gandhi Legacy Tour Travel Grant” program.  

Two travel grants will be awarded annually – one for the Gandhi Legacy Tour of India (Dec 29 – Jan 12, 2015-2016) and the other for the Satyagraha Tour of South Africa (May 31 – June 15, 2015.)  Both tours will be led by Arun Gandhi and his son Tushar.

GandhiInstitute Aligning with with United Nations Economic and Social Council’s (ECOSOC)  Youth Forum, admonition “Giving young people a voice in development”, GWEI partnered with the Rochester, NY-based MK Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence and Gandhi Legacy Tour (“GLT”) to take the next step towards giving youth a voice in international development.  “Being that there are nearly 2 billion young people in the world, their broadened point of view is essential in being, shaping, and developing the sustainable future they envision.” stated Lynnea Bylund, Director GWEI and Gandhi Legacy Tour.

GWEI approved the first Gandhi Legacy Tour Travel Grant for two 19 year old youths, Malik Thompson and Yohada Miller. Both were identified and recommended by Kit Miller, Director of the MK Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence based in Rochester, New York.

The first GWEI Travel Grant is for the upcoming Satyagraha Tour of South Africa and optional excursion will begin at the Cradle of Humankind May 30 through June 15, 2015.  “In partnership GWEI, Gandhi Legacy Tour, and MK Gandhi Institute take this next step forward in order to open up the opportunity for many youths to explore and advocate young people’s sustainable development priorities in the future.” states Arun Gandhi.

Malik Thompson Gandhi tour grant recipient

Malik Thompson

Malik Thompson, a nineteen year-old cis Black queer-romantic grey ace hails from DC, where he recently finished his senior year of high school and is overjoyed to join the Gandhi House and larger Rochester community. His work in DC involved using theater to raise awareness with various social justice issues, by using photography as a storytelling medium to get policy for restorative justice programs implemented in DC public schools; and using videography as a tool to give those most misrepresented in mainstream media the ability to tell their stories. Malik enjoys reading, writing, taking photographs, finding holistic ways to tend to his body, and solitude. (Read more…)

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