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Zulu Traditional Culture

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Zulu Traditional Dance: Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park Departure back to Durban, South Africa


Stunning Zulu’s practicing a traditional dance and chant at a local community center in South Africa close to the Mozambique boarder. We happen to spot the group driving down the road after leaving the Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park a Safari Game Reserve on our way back to Durban. David my driver notices them first, backs the car up, and we park on the side of the road to watch. The group of youth spot us as they step it up performing like warriors.

Initially, I could not make out who the leader of the chant was; he then breaks from the group, steps in front so we can clearly see him, his naked chest, and chants as the rest of the boys continue to dance. After he clearly indicates that he is the leader, he takes his place back into the line-up.

What a beautiful sight, I thank them before we pull off with a Namaste gesture.


Gandhi Legacy Tour:

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Original Gandhi Legacy Tour of India, led by Arun Gandhi (Sign-up deadline 9/2/2014)

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