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Review of Tasting The Moon

Going well beyond the bestselling Eat Pray Love, Tasting The Moon tells the story of a “no holds barred” pathway through life—from the author’s eccentric childhood, through the tumultuous 60s, to the ashram of Adi Da Samraj, her spiritual Guru whom she discovered in the 70s.

tasting the moonWith disarming and raw candor, Meg Fortune McDonnell recounts the ego-deaths and transformations she went through as she followed her unorthodox teacher around the globe—and to uncharted spiritual dimensions not located on any map.*

 — *From the publisher

To connect her riveting confessions to current events, McDonnell draws on diverse references from “Vanity Fair” to “The Buddhist Bible” and Alanis Morisette to Ramana Maharshi, deftly tracing the recent epoch of our collective spiritual quest along with her personal adventures.

The three decades McDonnell spent under the tutelage of her enigmatic master were filled with sometimes hair-raising, sometimes hilarious, ultimately uplifting explorations of everything, including: what vampires tell us about the taboo against the spirit and what it really means to be “sexually liberated,” healing debilitating Oedipal wounds and thawing the icy character that freezes out love, uncovering new gender roles and empowering female strengths, dancing as tribal prayer for world peace, recurring and mysterious synchronicities, what true beauty is—in art, friends, & avatars, and blessing meant for everyone.

A fascinating life, masterfully told.

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The UK London Barter Report

City of LondonThe world economy may be crashing but these are exciting times for barter currency and exchange systems.  Since 2002 we’ve been saying that the economy is going to get a lot worse before it gets better… and the worse it gets the more importantly barter and those who facilitate its mechanisms will fare.  

On the 8th December the City of London, in conjunction with various U.K councils, NGOs and think tanks, commissioned a report from Y/Zen Group, the City’s prominent think tank, assessing the future scope and potential for trade, excess capacity exchange, and commerical barter to increasingly augment local and national economies. 

Surveyed barter exchanges, banks and industry professionals were asked to attend workshops and submit copies of their internal documents, audited accounts and plans to help provide some background industry information for this report.

Ormita Commerce 

With offices in 17 countries Ormita is appearing increasingly relevant where governments and industry envision the future of barter and money itself.

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