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Happy “Light-in-Everybody” 2014!

Wishing you a very happy and awakened new year 2014. 

Light means something holy, something Divine. . . . Light is fundamental in human experience and aspiration and meaning. Because of this, it is suitable to be associated with a universal celebration every year.   — Adi Da Samraj


“Light-in-Everybody” —a season, that is “essentially about Light, and about that Light in everybody. It is about acknowledging the characteristic of Light in everybody you know and meet, rather than darkness. It is about love rather than its opposite.” — Adi Da Samraj

Farewell, Madiba!

Editorial Note: Originally posted to Arun Gandhi’s website: Farewell Madiba.  RIP Nelson Mandela, thank you for all you did for humanity. We lost an icon today, our condolences to your family! “It always seems impossible until it’s done” – We love you!

Farewell, Madiba

By Arun Gandhi

Loving Nelson Mandela

As the world mourns the death of President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, affectionately known as Madiba, it is important that we don’t get too embroiled  in sentiments and, in our grief, make the mistake of consecrating his message with his physical body.  Like the thousands whom we revere as great people, Madiba was not great by birth, but became great through commitment and dedication to moral values.  All of us are endowed with the same measure of commitment and dedication but we tend to use it more for material aggrandizement rather than to enhance our moral and ethical values.

An Indian Government official reportedly said in his condolence message that if the apartheid government had not incarcerated President Mandela for 27 years he would have changed the face of Africa long ago.  Implying that those 27 years were wasted.  Perhaps some of those years were excessive, but there is no escaping the fact that it was the incarceration that gave Madiba the opportunity to do some soul-searching and turned him from a revolutionary to a revered leader. 

Through his life Madiba showed the world that adversity can be good if we use it with understanding.  Many a leader who have gone through the same kind of adversity as President Mandela has come out more bitter and violent than ever because they wallow in self-pity.  Madiba and others like him used adversity to make a positive change in themselves and their thinking.  In a very true sense Madiba became the change he wished to see in the world, to use Gandhi’s famous quotation. 

Madiba loved his country more than he loved himself.  He was determined to do what was right and good for the country and not be filled with hate and vengeance against those who oppressed him.  He had a vision for South Africa where all human beings could live in peace and harmony.  It was a vision that has been shared by many leaders of the world, including Gandhi, but it is a vision that has not been realized quite simply because we have chosen the path of materialism rather than moral values.  Gandhi warned us that materialism and morality have an inverse relationship. When one increases the other tends to decrease. In a highly materialistic world there is ample evidence today of declining morality.  In fact the decay is so  overwhelming that it denigrates the very concept of civilization.  Is a civilization measured by its material achievements or by its moral integrity?  If Madiba could change from being a revolutionary to becoming a revered world leader can we not change from being selfish to being selfless in the service of the world?        

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