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USIMTA/USIPCA – started 1990

catwp.USIMTA1Lynnea was the founder of two small business-based wireless trade associations – USIMTA and USIPCA – and has lobbied on Capitol Hill and at the FCC where she has spoken out strongly against the cable TV monopoly, illegal spectrum warehousing and ill-conceived congressional schemes to auction our nation’s precious airwaves to the highest bidder. Lynnea is a founder and former CEO of a Washington DC telecommunications consulting and management company that had holdings in several operating and near operating wireless communications systems and companies.

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USIMTA Newsletter Spring 1992 Washington DC

USIMTA Newsletter Fall 1992 Washington DC  

USIMTA Newsletter Spring 1993 Washington DC 

USIMTA Newsletter Fall 1993 Washington DC


World’s Biggest Auction Winner

In 1995 Lynnea Bylund became the first female in the world to be awarded a Broadband PCS operating permit – she was one of only 18 winners, along with Sprint, AT&T, Pacific Bell, etc., in the biggest cash auction in world history raising a whopping $7.7 billion – her company was awarded licenses to operate wireless systems in Hawaii and American Samoa – South Seas Satellite Communications Corporation and Proteus, Inc.

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Dennis Weaver & Catalyst House

 Dennis Weaver 1924-2996An Important Message from Dennis Weaver
Dear Friends of Catalyst House:

An old Chinese proverb says, “if we don’t alter our course, we’re going to wind up where we are headed.”

At the eve of the millennium humanities are poised for an information revolution that has already begun inspiring new ways of thinking. The sustainability paradigm that acknowledges and reveres the interdependence of all life forms of existence, is now beginning to merge with mainstream thought. Out of such thinking will come the choices that alter our course toward lasting peace and prosperity. For this immensely important task the Institute of Ecolonomics was founded in 1993.

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Springboard Capital – started 2000

catwp.SBCnews2Springboard Capital Corporation NASD was an integrated financial services company, co-founded by Lynnea Bylund and Catalyst House, offering a comprehensive approach to fulfilling its clients’ financial needs. Structured as a holding company SBC contained five wholly owned subsidiary companies including an SEC registered investment advisor, an NASD registered, broker dealer, a group of venture capital funds, a diversified real estate investment company, and a full service mortgage company, which offered mortgages at discounted rates and fees.

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