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Gandhi’s Life in Color

review mahatma gandhi's life in colorRecently, and just in time for the holidays, I was gifted MAHATMA, Gandhi’s Life in Colour: a wonderful new Gandhi bio-pictorial book.  The publisher, GandhiServe Foundation, operates the world’s largest repository of digitized Gandhi historical media. This is a fabulous ground-breaking photo book, impressive in its size and volume of images; many of which previously unseen by me.

This grand assemblage includes a short forward by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the eminent sociologist and social reformer who increasingly is becoming known in India and abroad as the “Toilet Guru” for his efforts to bring modern toilet facilities to 300 million Indians who are still forced to defecate in the open, and to utilize such facilities to generate renewable-energy bio-gas.

Gandhi’s Life in Color

frontier gandhi redshirt armyMAHATMA, Gandhi’s Life in Colour, reintroduces to the world the iconic figure of Gandhi through preciously rare images and archival material. An interdisciplinary labor of love, Gandhi historians and scholars, photographic authorities and digital designers collaborated to transform black and white photographs into color images and authentic historical documents.

Painstakingly assembled and published by GandhiServe India, this uniquely imposing pictorially beautiful biography presents nearly 1,300 photographs spanning the entirity of Gandhi’s life in color, from 1869 thru his death in 1948, traversing 690 pages and weighing in at over 14 pounds, MAHATMA is the ultimate coffee table book for any student, lover, or adherent of Gandhian history and philosophy.

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The Solar Solution Renewable energy is starting to capture corporate America’s attention. With the power crisis worsening, solar is taking its place in the sun. BY SCOTT HARRIS HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. LIKE GIANT ROBOTIC SUNFLOWERS, THE machines that Boeing engineer Kenneth Stone has tended for nearly 20 years awaken with the dawn… Read complete release in PDF. (229 KB)


Catalyst House and clients sponsor this years Millennium King Cross-Cultural Festival of the Arts in Collaboration with the USC California Science Center.Los Angeles, CA, January 22, 2000 Catalyst House and key clients have been invited by Anita Marie Productions and the USC Science Center to put together an exhibition for the Millennium … Read complete release in PDF.(184 KB)

Catalyst House, in cooperation with BWN, arranged an international press conference for Clive Smith, Sheila Shisulu and Dennis Weaver. Washington DC – October 18, 1999 October 18, 1999 –1:00 — 2:30 pm The Ambassadors Luncheon brought to you by Catalyst House, ABWI, BWN, Department of Commerce, American Foreign Services and Bank of America… Read complete release in PDF. (139 KB)

DENNIS WEAVER TO BE NAMED “FIRST WORLD VISIONARY” AT LARGEST GLOBAL SUMMIT OF KIND IN WASHINGTON MONDAY 18, 1999 October 15, 1999 [email protected] Washington DC — The world’s first event of its scope and purpose, the Global Business Summit of the Business… Read complete release in PDF. (120 KB)

FIRST WOMEN’S GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT IN NATION’S CAPITAL BEGINS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17-19, 1999 — 1500 DELEGATES FROM 91 COUNTRIES AND 46 STATES — October 14, 1999 Jan DuPlain (202) 244-3338 Washington, DC — The First Women’s Global Business Summit, organized by the … Read complete release in PDF.(125 KB)

ABWI / Catalyst House and clients sponsor this years Ambassadors’ Luncheon and Awards Ceremony of Global Business Summit in DC Representatives from more than 50 nations to attend, actor Dennis Weaver to be recognized for outstanding contributions Washington DC, October 12, 1999: Considered among the most significant annual conferences… Read complete release in PDF. (153 KB)

ASIA PACIFIC TRADE MISSION, AUSTRALIAAugust 3-11 1999 Fran Close, Chair of Hilary’s Welfare to Work program, chair of the White House Global Woman’s Trade and Commerce Summit is leading a trade mission down to Australia in which is certified by the US Commerce Department and it is a Presidential mission and President Clinton and the Prime Minister… Read complete release in PDF.(201 KB)

INVITATION TO THE AUSTRALIA / US BUSINESS LEADERS’ FORUM. Read complete release in PDF. (192 KB)  –  Premier of New South Whales, Australia’s letter of invitation to Ms. Lynnea Bylund to participate in the inaugural Australia/US Business Leaders Forum in Sydney to strengthen and expand trade and investment ties.

CONNECTIONS – LONDON, ENGLANDBusiness Connections 99 was given a Royal seal of approval when it opened by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent.  Lynnea Bylund had the opportunity to meet The Duke of Kent and discuss digital divide solutions.

GLOBALIZATION, World Bank Discussion on Information, Knowledge and Development – part 2 On the edge of the 21st Century, it is clear that computer literacy and Internet access are pivotal requirements for both economic advancement and democratic participation throughout the world.  Literacy itself is increasingly being defined in terms of the ability to manage and process information, not just the ability to read.

GLOBALIZATION, World Bank Discussion on Information, Knowledge and Development – part 1 As the philosophers among us debate the interrelationship of “information-knowledge-data-wisdom,” we move deeper into the technological information age… and we have a critical mission to bring the power of information and access into our children’s hands throughout the world even in the remotest of communities.

NEW DEAL ARTICLE (in Portuguese) – Amapa, Brazil Jornal Do Dia’s Informatica – Prodap e NIC Se Juntam Para Globalizar A Informatica No Amapa.  Lynnea Bylund featured during her trip to the Amazon and gave presentation to the Information Lab.

WIRELESS PHONE SERVICE COMPETITION GETS UNDERWAY – FCC PRESS RELEASE. Read complete release in PDF. (157 KB)  Washington, DC – Today, FCC Chairman Reed Hundt personally awarded licenses to compete in the wireless phone service market.  The FCC’s broadband PCS auction offered 99 licenses and netted $7.7 billion of the US government, securing a place in the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest auction in world history.

FCC CONGRATULATORY LETTER FROM CHAIRMAN REED HUNDT. Read complete release in PDF. (111 KB)FCC Chairman Reed Hundt letter to Ms. Lynnea Bylund.  “I’d like to invite you to join President Clinton, Vice President Gore and me in celebrating this triumph of reinvented government at a ceremony to be held at the FCC Auction Site.  We would be honored to have you with us.”

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