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XRAYMEDIA’S Live Negotiating Platform -LMM- is Chosen for Catalyst House Franchise Rollout VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE) — Jan. 26, 2005–XRAYMEDIA, Inc., (OTCBB:XRYMNews), the media industry’s leader in real-time negotiating technology, is pleased to announce that the company continues to move forward with AD/MAX Media, LLC., the subsidiary of media partner Catalyst House. AD/MAX has chosen to use XRAYMEDIA’s live negotiating platform (LMM) for its anticipated nationwide franchise program. Read complete release online

Catalyst House Subsidiary Secures $10,000,000 Credit Facility, Partners with XRAYMEDIA Las Vegas, NV. January 11, 2005 /CAT eNEWS/ Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea M. Bylund, announced today that her company’s AD|MAX Media unit has secured a $10 million combined media-based credit facility from the dual sources of Springboard Capital Corporation and Millennium Capital Quest Corp.  Additionally, the company has been granted sales agency rights to an additional $40+ million in deeply discounted major media running the gamut of newspaper, TV, radio, and Web. Read complete release online.

Bartercard U.S. Receives Bridge Capital Las Vegas, NV. August 19, 2004 — Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her agency has successfully instigated multiple bridge capital draw-downs for Bartercard U.S. throughout the preceding 18 months.  These capital infusions have proven vital to Bartercard U.S.ís survival, states Ms. Bylund. Read complete release in PDF (27 KB).

Bartercard U.S. & International Trade Group Announce Strategic Merger Burbank, CA. August 13, 2004 — International Trade Group (‘ITG’), a network of ‘trade-exchange’ offices headquartered in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, announced today that it has reached an agreement to “integrate and consolidate” its operations with Bartercard United States, Inc. (‘BCUSI’), the North American licensee of the world’s largest and most successful trade-exchange – Bartercard International. Read complete release in PDF (31 KB).

Springboard Capital / Bartercard U.S. Commence Strategic Real Estate Research Santa Ana, CA. August 10, 2004 Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced today that her agency has instigated a strategic research initiative between Bartercard U.S. and Springboard Capital Corporation that may provide for the purchase and development of select real estate properties using barter-based ìtrade-dollars.î Read complete release in PDF (30 KB).

Catalyst House