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A New World War of Currencies?

Nobel economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz on U.S. economic policy –

“It’s doing nothing for the American economy, but it’s causing chaos over the rest of the world. It’s a very strange policy that they are pursuing.”

Ed. note: A fascinating account of the way it just might be, behind all the pomp and propaganda.  One might liken the leading nations and their currencies to dying elephants thrashing about, struggling for ‘sustenance.’


From: Breaking All The Rules / Sartre

Currency Wars among Controlled Economies

The rush to devalue national currencies is like cutting off your foot so your favorite transnational corporation can sell you an overpriced prosthesis, made in their overseas sweatshop, to an HMO that Medicare will cover. Soon with Obamacare, only Medicaid recipients will qualify. The way to look at devaluing your countries currency is that it takes more worthless fiat species to buy the same amount of products. How laudable is this economic policy? reports that in 2006 the United States exports as a percentage of GDP, $0.08 per every $1. That ranks 179 among the Globalist’s community of nation. Back in 2006, the Dollar was still viewed as a relatively stable reserve currency. After the 2008-manufactured financial collapse, the dollar rose briefly on foreign currency exchanges. Today you only hear that infamous giant sucking sound that presidential candidate Ross Perot warned about back in 1992. That thud you hear is our national wealth flushing down the drain of the international sewage-treatment system.

As a beleaguered tool of mega economic control, the consumer has only one purpose, buy more junk. Paying for the garbage translates into incurring higher personal debt levels. That formula maintained its momentum when the Federal Reserve notes were the coin of the worldwide realm, but no longer. Countries can no longer service their own government debt and the prospects of extorting even higher taxes to pay the banksters for their debt created currency racket is hitting a brick wall.

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Video Marketing Secrets for Small Businesses

Guest post by Brian Dean

Early on recognized that while online Video Marketing is one of the world’s most effective online advertising formats, the Internet is the fastest growing segment in Online Marketing; when you put Video Marketing and the Internet together you have the most powerful combination today for small business advertising.

The Internet Video Marketing trend is growing exponentially. The longer your company waits to start using online video ads to build credibility, trust, loyalty and excitement for your products and services the harder it will be for your company to make sales period! Online Video Ads are definitely the way to go.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailWhen it comes to search engine visibility, search optimized Internet Videos have much greater odds then website based search results. Internet placed Videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of the online search results than ordinary Web pages! recognizes four primary factors affecting your video’s likelihood of appearing on main search page results:

1. Which Video Site Is Selected for Submission

YouTube reigns supreme in the search results at Google – but there are other video sites with good visibility results, including MetaCafe, Daily Motion, and Kewego. Same even for Bing and Yahoo, though YouTube is only slightly less prominent. recommends “cross-submitting” your business video to multiple platforms in order to maximize your potential audience and overall search engine reach.

2. Ranking From Within the “Native Platform”

The platform page one ranking of your video (as an example, YouTube’s native search results affects whether it will be included in main search engine pages. Research conducted by and others indicate that virtually all of the videos showing on the main search page results also appeared on the main page of their submission site search.  And remember, YouTube, for example, is the third biggest search engine in its own right, even for so-called “local search” business queries.

3. Keyword Intention

The “Keyword intention” plays a major factor in determining whether your video is included in the main search page results. On the other hand videos that are search-optimized for transaction keywords (those including words like “ purchase,” “affordable,” or “on sale”) perform relatively poorly for main search results. Informational keywords, are what you really need to put your attention on.  These are keyword phrases that are comparative in nature (“us versus them” or “ABC compared to XYZ”), educational (“do it yourself” or “learn how to”), and informational phrases (“who is” or “what is”). Navigation keywords and phrases produced inconsistent results.  These are keywords that often include website URLs, brands, and product descriptions.  But locational keywords, like city locations and targets, counties, etc., are vital for local search video marketing.

4. Make great videos: Use your best images, if its a montage-style video. Get your message across in under two minutes. Less is more for most marketing-type videos, especially for local business search videos.


Brian Dean is a nationally regarded expert on producing search engine optimized videos that work. He is the president of Las Vegas based   Call Video Dean today at 1-888-479-5215 and find out how you can bring your business increased search engine visibility with customized Internet Marketing video ads.

Money & Life, What’s it All About?

A new documentary currently being completed by Katie Teague, called, “Money & Life” (Trailer 3:40 min.).  Here Katie talks about her documentary —

Katie Teague

“Inspired by the possibility of generating real transformative social change from the opportunity of the current economic and financial crisis, I have been on a two year odyssey studying the money system and interviewing cutting edge thinkers and leaders on the issue of the day.

“The film proposes that money, like other social technologies, is a reflection of our consciousness as individuals and as a society. If we are indeed in the midst of a planetary evolutionary shift, then money is one of the most important aspects of the postmodern world to grapple with, given its pervasiveness in our lives and throughout the world. The film’s basic inquiry is: can our understanding of money and how we relate to it be transformed to serve our highest capacities and values?”

Gandhi and Non-Violence at the UN

Source: Varun Soni | The Huffington Post

In 2007 the U.N.  adopted a resolution recognizing Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday (October 2) as the “International Day of Non-Violence.”   The resolution highlights “the holistic nature and the continued relevance of the Mahatma’s message for our times, indeed for all times to come. It encompasses the rejection of violence against oneself, against others, against other groups, against other societies and against nature.”

From The Huffington Post

This year, Gandhi’s birthday is an opportunity for the U.N. to think deeply about how Gandhian peacemaking can be relevant to its work of engagement, mediation, and reconciliation.

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