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Never Forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

This is the planet we exist on and in, yet we continually avoid the truth about atomic weapons; we close our minds to their monstrous reality – 100s of 1000s or even millions of innocent civilians incinerated in a sudden flash and many more to die slower.  Nuclear weaponry is a reflection of our nightmare-shadow side.  It must be faced head-on and discharged.  The atomic bomb lies within us all.

According to the Great Sage Adi Da Samraj, “ … the explosion of great nuclear bombs merely represents the archetype of anger itself. And it is for this reason that the possibility of a nuclear holocaust, in the extreme moment of the now rising political confrontations, is an irrational—and, therefore, entirely possible, if not inevitable—event.”

Never Forget Hiroshima & The “World’s Greatest Bomb”

Most Americans 68 years ago on August 6, 1945, got their news from the radio, which transmitted the copy from Truman’s statement shortly after the historic first atomic war event.  Immediately after the radio announcements, newspapers’ banners proclaimed:

“America’s Atom Bomb, World’s Greatest, Hits Japs!”

Greg Mitchell at HuffPost notes: “Hiroshima did contain an important military base, used as a staging area for Southeast Asia, where perhaps 25,000 troops might be quartered. But the bomb had been aimed not at the “Army base” but at the very center of a city of 350,000, with the vast majority women and children and elderly males…. Indeed, a U.S. survey of the damage, not released to the press, found that residential areas bore the brunt of the bomb, with less than 10 percent of the city’s manufacturing, transportation, and storage facilities damaged.”

never forget Hiroshima and NagasakiPresident Truman’s first words on the subject set the narrative:

“Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima, an important Japanese Army base. That bomb had more power than 20,000 tons of TNT. …The Japanese began the war from the air at Pearl Harbor. They have been repaid many fold….It is an atomic bomb. It is a harnessing of the basic power of the universe.”’s Oliver Lee debunks the 3 overriding myths of U.S. justification for such a heinous act of barberism – 

MYTH #1: The Japanese Were Given Adequate Fair Warning

As the story goes, prior to unleashing the atom bomb Americans dropped millions of leaflets over various cities in Japan as a warning. But according to the Nagasaki Memorial, none of those leaflets ever mentioned the atom bomb prior to August 6, 1945.  It wasn’t until a full two days after the bomb had dropped that they mentioned the existence of a brand-new weapon.

MYTH #2: The Japanese Would Never Have Surrendered Otherwise

Much has been made of the Japanese kamikaze spirit, but by early summer, Emperor Hirohito was already making overtures to surrender — weeks before the bombing of Hiroshima.  In a cable intercepted on July 12, 1945, Hirohito revealed that he was ready to end the war on the condition that the monarchy is granted immunity from war crimes — conditions which the U.S. only accepted after dropping two atomic bombs on the country.

MYTH #3: Dropping the Atomic Bombs Saved a Million American Lives

Truman started out saying that “thousands and thousands” of American lives were saved by using the atom bomb. Later, in his memoir, he bumped it up to 500,000. And later still, he topped it off to a cool million.  But according to Stanford historian Barton Bernstein’s research of declassified documents, the worst-case scenario proposed by military officials was 46,000 deaths for U.S. forces if they invaded both Kyushu and Honshu islands.

According to , “911 was a strong indication of something that is drastically wrong. For the most part, we all supported what the government did, declare a war on terrorism.  We now realize it was wrong.”  Dr. Gandhi has said that the one condition needed to end all wars is humility, coupled with an admission that wars are wrong. 

Again, Adi Da Samraj:

“The motives of present-day society are the same as those of past societies. The only difference is that, in the present day, the technology of both communication and confrontation has become both globally extended and profound. Therefore, when globally communicated confrontation reaches its peak of irrationality, war-motives will willingly destroy the entire world—just as readily as, in the past, less technologically sophisticated war-makers have wiped their petty local warring tribes from the face of the Earth.”

How do you feel?  Was America justified in delivering two atomic bombs to the Japanese? Are you open to the truth?

Never forget hiroshima and nagasaki - not two is peace - adi da“The old moral, social, and political order of humankind is now dead.

“This is the moment when it will be decided what the future is going to be.

“The future is either going to be catastrophic disaster, or it is going to be the turnabout moment in human history, in which humankind will step out of its dark ages of “tribalism” into a new mode of human cooperative order.”

Adi Da Samraj, Not Two IS Peace

We must never forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the monster that lies within.


lynnea2 The BoardLynnea Bylund is managing director of Gandhi Legacy Tours, Director of Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, founder of Catalyst House and has nearly three decades of experience in administration, marketing and business development. She was a nationally recognized spokeswoman for the emerging alternative video and information delivery industries. She has a degree in holistic health-nutrition from the legendary and controversial health educator and activist Dr. Kurt Donsbach, she is the founder of two not-for-profit small business-based wireless trade associations and has lobbied on Capitol Hill and at the FCC where she has spoken out strongly against the cable TV monopoly, illegal spectrum warehousing and ill-conceived congressional schemes to auction our nation’s precious airwaves to the highest bidder.

Ms. Bylund is a founder and former CEO of a Washington DC telecommunications consulting and management company with holdings in several operating and developmental wireless communications systems and companies. In 1995 Lynnea became the first female in the world to be awarded a Broadband PCS operating permit – she was one of only 18 winners, along with Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon in the biggest cash auction in world history, raising a whopping $7.7 billion. Lynnea also spear-headed the successful effort to launch the first cable TV network in the South Pacific islands.
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