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William Shanley’s Alice and the Quantum Cat

I haven’t yet read Bill Shanley’s new compendium, Alice and the Quantum Cat, but I’m so excited to do so that I’ve mocked up a review from the publisher’s notes.  So many of our favorite philosophers and thinkers have contributed!

There is one thing, major in our opinion, that is suspiciously absent from Shanley’s book, it would appear – our late friend Marilyn Ferguson was not included in the contributing authors, content, or even an acknowledgement in the forward. William Brandon Shanley, as Ricky Ricardo used to say, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

Alice and the Quantum Cat

Few works of fiction have inspired more reworkings than Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. From Disney’s 1951 animation, Tim Burton’s 2010 adaptation. Grace Slick’s White Rabbit, Alan Moore’s Lost Girls to the definitive Annotated Alice by Scientific American’s Martin Gardner, this little Victorian girl’s adventures in a world of fantasy have captured the imaginations of millions.

“Why shouldn’t Alice’s story be brought up to date and used to illustrate the bizarre nature of quantum reality?” reasoned William Shanley, an East-Coast media personality. So Shanley engaged myself and a number of others to refashion Alice’s adventures to explicate the mysterious world of quantum physics. Shanley’s passion to be all things to all people brought more and more writers into the project each with their own point of view. Every author invented their own new worlds for Alice to explore and the manuscript soon became a giant kaleidoscope of altered states.

Alice and the Quantum Cat
Edited by William Brandon Shanley

ISBN: 978-88-95604-10-7

Format: paperback,
5.5″ x 8.5″

Price: €13.50 | US$16.95

Learn more and more about the curious world of 21st century science


With the help of a most curious cat, Alice leapfrogs from Victorian England into a series of parallel worlds where she encounters an entire magic box of bizarre characters: everything from strange attractors and thinking electrons to talking quantum paradoxes.

Observe the cat having an unpleasant encounter with Professor Schrödinger before he learns to jump universes at the blink of an eye. Join in Alice’s adventures in Alice and the Quantum Cat and travel with her in this new wonderland, on everything from a steam train in Ireland to a flying taxi cab crossing the Hudson River; from San Francisco’s Pier 9 to the very center of the universe. Learn more and more about the curious world of 21st century science.

Each chapter of this captivating adventure has been written by a leading science popularizer including Fred Alan Wolf, Amit Goswami, F. David Peat, Nick Herbert, Danah Zohar, Beverly Rubik, and Peter Russell.

William B. Shanley, Editor

Nick Herbert, Science Editor

Original concept by Dianne Collins, William B. Shanley and Fred Alan Wolf

Afterword by Jean Houston

Fred Alan Wolf, Danah Zohar, F. David Peat, Amit Goswami, Nick Herbert, Beverly Rubik, John Briggs, Peter Russell, Dianne Collins, William B. Shanley, Jean Houston and “Lewis Carroll”

Introduction: The Quantum Age William Brandon Shanley
A Twenty-First Century Myth William Brandon Shanley
Preface F. David Peat
Chapter One: Beside the River Bank F. David Peat

Chapter Two: Alice Meets Professor Flow Fred Alan Wolf, William Brandon Shanley and Dianne Collins
Chapter Three: Deep Reality Research Nick Herbert
Chapter Four: Oyster Quadrille Nick Herbert
Chapter Five: The Quantum Hussy Danah Zohar
Chapter Six: One Mind Amit Goswami
Chapter Seven: Alice in Bohm-land F. David Peat
Chapter Eight: The Center of the Universe Brian Swimme, Nick Herbert and William Brandon Shanley
Chapter Nine: Chaosland F. David Peat
Chapter Ten: Queen Rosie Nick Herbert
Chapter Eleven: Alice in Ireland F. David Peat
Chapter Twelve: The Looking-Glass of Art John Briggs
Chapter Thirteen: Biologyland Amit Goswami and Nick Herbert
Chapter Fourteen: Alice in the Biolight Community Beverly Rubik
Chapter Fifteen: Underground Nick Herbert

Chapter Sixteen: A Photon’s Eye View Peter Russell
Chapter Seventeen: Caught in the Web of Time Fred Alan Wolf
Chapter Eighteen: Allurement Nick Herbert and William Brandon Shanley
Chapter Nineteen: The Symphony of Creation F. David Peat
Chapter Twenty: Alice Rides the Photon William Brandon Shanley

Afterword: Alician Science Jean Houston
The Authors Biographies
Scientific Glossary
Tentative Models of the Subatomic World

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