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The Piano Passion of Eric Allaman

I recall over two decades ago as if it were yesterday – Eric passionately conveying to me his love and intrigue with the History of Berlin and its impact on his music. Eric’s passion manifests brilliantly through this latest composition “A Season of Losses”.

So beautiful, I feel the heart of your art, Eric! Play on!

Excerpt from Eric’s bio –

I took the route of countless artists before and moved to Paris, then Berlin, a city still divided between East and West. Barely scraping by on solo piano gigs in stylish hotels and smoky lounges, I got a break working with the electronica group, Tangerine Dream. In West Berlin, I began to merge my classical background with electronica aspects of synths, drum machines and sequencers.

Eventually I was commissioned to write a new score for a re-release of Battleship Potemkin, Sergei Eisenstein’s epic masterpiece. The premiere was a sensation at the Berlin Film Festival, and I was lured back to L.A. for film scoring jobs.

Since then I have stayed true to my classical roots by composing for theatre, opera, ballet, and piano. I’ve scored 30 films and over 500 episodes of television. Credits include: Legend, Latter Days, Witless Protection, Elvira’s Haunted Hills, Dante’s Cove, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Mike Hammer Private Eye, and many TV movies and episodics.

Watch and listen to more of Eric’s piano genius at the Eric Allaman YouTube Channel

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