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Local Health-Freedom Attorney is Quack-buster Buster!

San Clemente, CA. – June 20, 2007 – Last week, in a strongly worded opinion, the Appeals Court for the State of Pennsylvania ruled against Stephen Barrett M.D. (aka the “Quack-buster”), a long-time critic of chiropractic and other alternative and holistic healthcare. In an action that chiropractors see as a major setback for their nemesis, the judge refused to overturn a 2005 decision against Barrett. The earlier lawsuit was won by chiropractor Tedd Koren, DC, whose company markets chiropractic educational pamphlets that Barrett had harshly criticized.

Dr. Koren was represented both times by local lawyer Carlos Negrete, of the San Clemente neighboring community of San Juan Capistrano, a nationally noted health-freedom attorney whose specialty is aggressive litigation and representation of alternative and holistic healthcare providers.

Carlos Negrete

Stephen Barrett M.D., known in many circles as a professional “quack-buster”, or “consumer medical advocate”, is a hero to some and a long-time scourge to others in the alternative healing professions and their patients.

According to the verdict in the Appeals Court of the State of Pennsylvania, Barrett is the loser in his defamation case against chiropractor Tedd Koren, D.C. Barrett charged Koren with defamation of character and lost, according to a June 14 press release by the World Chiropractic Alliance.

Koren’s company, Koren Publications, which markets educational pamphlets for chiropractors, once referred to Barrett as a “Quackpot” and that his vocal nemesis was “de-licensed,” and “in trouble.”

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Lynnea Bylund is a former Washington small-business lobbyist with a degree in holistic health. She is the San Clemente Topix News Page Editor, as well as an ongoing contributor to various independent media on issues dealing with Small Business, Barter, the ‘New Economy’ and Holistic Well Being. In 2006 Lynnea was awarded the prestigious Congressional Medal of Distinction in recognition of her continued efforts as a small business advocate and activist. She resides in San Clemente. 

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