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 Dennis Weaver 1924-2996An Important Message from Dennis Weaver
Dear Friends of Catalyst House:

An old Chinese proverb says, “if we don’t alter our course, we’re going to wind up where we are headed.”

At the eve of the millennium humanities are poised for an information revolution that has already begun inspiring new ways of thinking. The sustainability paradigm that acknowledges and reveres the interdependence of all life forms of existence, is now beginning to merge with mainstream thought. Out of such thinking will come the choices that alter our course toward lasting peace and prosperity. For this immensely important task the Institute of Ecolonomics was founded in 1993.

Institute of EcolonomicsThere is no denying that business is the most influential and powerful institution on the planet today, wielding a force even greater than governments. Many of us are starting to realize that environmental problems will not be solved without the direct involvement of business. Conversely, business is also beginning to recognize that it can make greater profits while cleaning up the environment. The tables are turning. Business people and environmentalists can become allies. Working together, they are designing profitable industrial strategies that will stimulate the economy while restoring and sustaining the environment upon which business itself depends.

The Institute of Ecolonomics and Catalyst House have joined hands as catalytic agents dedicated to a new way of doing business, one that has the possibility of altering our course toward a sustainable future and a renewed planet.


Dennis Weaver

Institute of Ecolonomics

Catalyst House