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GLOBAL Interspecies Jam 2000

GLOBAL Interspecies Jam 2000
A Series of Interactive Global Convergence Events
Celebrate Direct from Maui !!
  First Jam: New Years Eve   December 31, 1999  
  Final Jam:  Millennium Eve   December 31, 2000  

To Be Broadcast Globally
To 2.5 – 4.5 Billion !!

Join us and JAM with the  Whales !!


Humpback Whale breaches off Maui coast


Whale Reference

Maui Humpbacks

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to view the video.

Whale Song:
click for audio

  Did you know that
Humpback Whales:

  • Feed only in Alaska?

  • Mate in Hawaii?

  • Eat a ton at a time?

  • Sing during Mating?




The Global Interspecies Jam 2000 Event is being made possible through the remarkable efforts of and the Genius of Paul Gilman, and his “Full Circle Music” Team & Studio, innumerable local personnel from Maui, Hawaii, providers such as Hawaii Travel Corp. (, the office of the Mayor of Maui Hon. James Kimo Apana, Puhipau (Na Maka O Ka Aina), Mr. Vince Pace (noted cinematographer of underwater footage, known for his work on films such as The Abyss and Titanic), Cinematographer Steve Hogan, and of course: Assistant Producer Phillip Pilago (a native of Maui, without whom this event would not have been possible, and CEO of Asonex), Business & Finance Executive Dr. Gurminder Singh, Executive Producer Ron Dunham, Assistant Producer Lynnea Bylund and Dr. Jack A. Shulman, Producer.  The Global Interspecies Jam Millennium Broadcast TEAM wishes also to thank the Pilago Family of Maui and Waianae, Hawaii, for their encouragement, hospitality and support throughout the broadcast.  We would also like to thank WABC News Television (Palm Desert, California) for their excellent news coverage following the filming and production!!

Through the ongoing support of ACCPC Television, and Pax Television, this broadcast is being made possible for viewing by the largest audience in the history of Humankind.

The Interspecies Jam will happen across global TV Broadcast from via PAX/TV’s 163 Television Stations, via WABC NEWS NETWORK and ABC2000 (360 Stations and 120 Affiliates) and by satellite, through public and commercial television stations worldwide and via the INTERNET.  Advanced Technology will make it possible to sit at an Internet PC and watch the Jam and other parts of the broadcast live!!


The world’s first year long Millennium Broadcast event: the interactive Global Interspecies Jam. The Event will Start this New Years Eve (December 31, 1999) and will continue throughout Year 2000.  Coordinated by Satellite and Internet from Palm Springs, California and Maui, Hawaii, the Jam will culminate on New Years Eve 2001 in a Live Super-Event !!  The Global Interspecies Super-Millennium Jam with the Whales and Dolphins will broadcast just as the new Millennium starts.  Music and Video specially designed by Emmy award winner Paul Gilman and other world renowned performing artists and spiritual leaders will be broadcast to a Global Audience of as many as 2.5 to 4.5 Billion International viewers, including segments transmitted directly to the undersea species from on-board a specially equipped submarine.

Major Artists drawn from every corner of the world will join the Global Interspecies Millennium Jam Broadcast New Years Eve 2001. As each of the seasonal Year 2000 Interspecies Jams are broadcast, the responses of the Whales and Dolphins will be Broadcast Globally to billions of viewers and listeners around the world by TV, Satellite and Internet !! See these remarkable creatures sing and play along in this remarkable Year Long Jamboree, from regions throughout the world, set off against backdrop celebrations involving people from throughout the world.

For simulcast on the Internet, the Jam will be available via leading Webcast Servers starting at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time on each designated broadcast date (to be announced), culminating in the Inet SuperJam December 31, 2000… Using the latest in Advanced Streaming  technology provided by Asonex, ACCPC-TV Networks and American Computer Company,  the Jam will be brought to an unparalleled Global Audience…

Humpback Whales are playful and sensitive creatures, and musicians in their own right.  The Interspecies Jam event is intended to transcend our differences and commence a time of healing for the many species and races across the face of our world…

The Interspecies Jam will happen across global TV Broadcast from ACCPC Television Network’s Studios via a major US TV Network’s Television Stations, and by satellite, through hundreds of public and commercial television stations worldwide and via the INTERNET.  The JAM will continue in live and direct formats for 1 Year, culminating in the Super Millennium Broadcast scheduled to take place in Maui, Hawaii and everywhere, on December 31, 2000!!!

This amazing year-long series, will culminate in the ultimate Convergence of Species, so stay tuned, for the event of a Lifetime !! 


Asonex Corporation
Phillip Pilago – Dr. Gurminder Singh,
Dr. Jack A. Shulman,
Special Consultant

2461 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste. 406,
Santa Monica, Ca.  90404

(telephone: 310-447-5911)

Eye of the Whale LLC
Children of the Sea
Paul Gilman 
Full Circle Music

471 N. Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, Ca, 92262
(phone: 760-320-7185)

Dr. Jack A. Shulman (ACCPC-TV)
Executive Producer:
Ron Dunham (WFTF)
Assist. Producer:
Phillip Pilago (Maui) (Asonex)
Assist. Producer:
Lynnea Bylund (Ca.) (Catalyst House)
Assist. Producer: Dr. Gurminder Singh
Editor, Assistant Editor:
Ralph Cooley, Valerie Gill
Vince Pace (Undersea Sequences)
Steve Hogan (Surface Sequences)
Ted Dawson (ABC Segment – KESQ)
D.J. Roller (Maui Segments)
Richard Bonham (Extra Cameras)
Bruce Feagle (Technical Coordinator)

Exec. Consultant:
Douglas Ivanovich (Humanicom)
Executive at PAXTV: Bill Scott
Telecom Consultant: Ron Jones
Location Coordinator: G.J. Silver
Sailing Consultant: Captain China
Undersea Boats:
  Atlantis Submarines Maui
Office Management:
Sylvia Proust, Full Circle Music
Joyce Ryerson, ACC PC Television Communications & Pokemon Collector
Joseph Gilman
Webmaster: James Eastman

American Computer
6 Commerce Drive,
Cranford, NJ USA 07016
908-272-3330; eMail:

Apple Computer (more…>)
1 Infinite Loop Way
Cupertino, California USA 95014

Microsoft Corporation (more…>)
1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington USA 98052

American Computer Company
PC-Television Networks
6 Commerce Drive
Cranford, NJ 07016
(telephone: 908-272-3330)

TELEVISION inside the USA:

PAX/TV Network 
Paxson Communications Corp.
601 Clearwater Park Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33401 US
an NBC Affiliated TV Network. ( more…> )

ABC, Inc. (WABC News, WESQ News,
ABC 2000 Millennium Event )
( more…> )
a Division of the Walt Disney Company
77 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023-6298 US

American Computer Company
PC Television Networks

Website Managers:

WEB Telecommunications
Bel Sciences Corporation
2915 Parkwood Manor
Houston, Texas 






For your local  International Television Coverage, please consult with your Local Television or Satellite Guide.  The Global Interspecies Millennium Broadcast (click here) is scheduled for airing in 100 International Countries and on over 300 television networks, December 31, 1999!!  CATCH THE JAM !!!  And stay tuned during the Year 2000 right up to the Super Millennium Jam next year !!



These are but a few of the hundreds of endangered species, conservation and caring organizations
that are aligned with the goals of the “Interspecies Jam”… click images for more information:
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