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Lynnea on South Africa News

June 9, 2018 | Sharpeville, South Africa

Lynnea Bylund on South Africa’s biggest news network, with Dr. Arun Gandhi, who says capitalism has brought misery and suffering around the world. Gandhi was speaking in Sharpeville where he planted a tree in memory of fallen liberation heroes gunned down by apartheid police in 1960. | 

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A Happy Fathers’ Day Jazz Tribute from CAT and Horace Silver

horace silver by george underwood

……Horace Silver by George Underwood

Horace Silver, a major contributor to and influencer of 20th century jazz,  tended not to play up that he was proficient in Portuguese, nor draw directly on his rich Portuguese musical upbringing. Song For My Father was his most famous jazz creation and reflects both his Portuguese and Brazilian influences.  Several versions of the song are offered here interspaced with the lyrics, including Silver’s own fully instrumental version from 1976, second in line …

 … Happy Fathers’ Day, enjoy!

If there was ever a man
Who was generous, gracious and good
That is my dad
The man
A human being so true
He could live like a king
‘Cause he knew
The real pleasure in life


To be devoted to
And always stand by me
So I’d be unafraid and free

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Sleeter Group Small Business Tech Tour

Join the experts at the Sleeter Group along with accounting and software solution leaders and your peers for a day of education, technology best practices, expert advice, and networking. 

The Small Business Technology Road Show is a showcase of the latest accounting technologies that will highlight a broad range of small business solutions. Learn how your business can grow and profit in the increasingly cloud and mobile world by streamlining business processes and collaborating with your accountant.

Register now for the Small Business Technology Road Show

Now, like never before, accountants and their clients can work together via the Internet to broaden the scope of what you do together, and enhance the accountant/client relationship. At these seminars, both accountants and their clients can learn how to put powerful new solutions to work.

Emphasizing the importance of educational events like the Small Biz Technology Road Show, Cloud9 Real Time founder and CEO Robert J. Chandler, author of the newly released ‘Together in the Cloud’ and one of the experts who has joined Sleeter on the tour, observes:

“I see the disconnect that business owners and accounting professionals experience trying to understand how the cloud will work for them. The advancements that this industry has made in recent years are astounding, and I truly believe that education is the first step to success in the cloud.” 

Road Show Cities and Dates –

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Cloud9 CEO’s Book Scheduled for Release

Together In The Cloud by Robert J. ChandlerTogether in the Cloud is a new book hitting bookshelves at the end of April and readers are in for a real treat!  Cloud9 Real Time CEO Robert J. Chandler, author and innovator of cloud computing solutions, offers keen insight into how businesses large and small can implement and utilize cloud computing technologies, and bridge the gap between users and Information Technology. Together in the Cloud is intended to help readers work more efficiently and profitably. Come together in the cloud and use this informative “how to” guide for transition and guidance.  

Chandler is an acknowledged industry visionary and leader, honored with the award of “Top 40 Under 40” by CPA Practice Advisor Magazine in 2007, 2008 and 2010. He is a leading national advocate of modern accounting methods that include universal internet service with remote access via cloud computing technologies. He is a sought after speaker for Accounting and Technology conferences nationwide and is actively involved in moving the accounting industry forward with technology advancements.

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Chrons Store Interview

Lynnea Bylund Interview Series
Nov 27-Dec 1, 2009


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GLOBAL Interspecies Jam 2000

December 31, 1999 – The world’s first year long Millennium Broadcast event: the interactive Global Interspecies Jam. The Event will Start this New Years Eve (December 31, 1999) and will continue throughout Year 2000.  Coordinated by Satellite and Internet from Palm Springs, California and Maui, Hawaii, the Jam will culminate on New Years Eve 2001 in a Live Super-Event !!  The Global Interspecies Super-Millennium Jam with the Whales and Dolphins will broadcast just as the new Millennium starts.  Music and Video specially designed by Emmy award winner Paul Gilman and other world renowned performing artists and spiritual leaders will be broadcast to a Global Audience of as many as 2.5 to 4.5 Billion International viewers, including segments transmitted directly to the undersea species from on-board a specially equipped submarine.

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Lynnea on PBS MacNeil Lehrer

In 1995 Lynnea Bylund became the first female in the world to be awarded a Broadband PCS operating permit – she was one of only 18 winners, along with Sprint, AT&T, Pacific Bell, etc., in the biggest cash auction in world history raising a whopping $7.7 billion – her company was awarded licenses to operate wireless systems in Hawaii and American Samoa – South Seas Satellite Communications Corporation.

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ABC Home Show Appearance

ABC Home Show | Peace Tree | Environmental Segment
LifeSpring Workshop | Ecology of Being | Caring for Spaceship Earth
– January 11, 1991 –

Peace Tree Planting at Mission Montessori in Laguna Niguel, CA.

The founder of LifeSpring and the Human Potential Movement, John Hanley invited me to captain his first experiential “Environmental Workshop” slated to be hosted in Orange County. I accepted the challenge and then called my best girlfriend to see if it was possible the workshop might be covered as a “The Home Show” segment. She pitched the idea to one of the segment producers which resulted in the following clip.
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