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Old Matrix of Scarcity v. New Age of Infinity

Sometime back author and new-paradigm-shift thinker William Brandon Shanley posted a well articulated blog addressing the paradox of scarcity in a universe that quantum scientists say is unlimited – infinitely unlimited.  All science is an awakening to what “always already is,” to paraphrase Beloved Adi Da Samraj.

William Brandon Shanley

William Brandon Shanley

Shanley is the organizing editor of a new work, which we reviewed in April. See: William Shanley’s Alice and the Quantum Cat

“A paradigm shift is underway, and a bright, bold new post-material, post-scarcity era called The Age of Infinity is rapidly emerging,” says Shanley.

From Shanley’s Age of Infinity blog

How can I make such claims about the future? Simply because these technologies and sciences are characteristics of the nature of nature and we need only unfold what already is and “ride the horse in the direction its going” to make them tangible.

All science is an awakening to what already is. Our inventions and systems simply mimic what nature has already perfected with utmost efficiency through intelligent networks and least action principles. Through time, as our glasses become more and more refined, we’re able to see more deeply into the infinite fecundity, creativity, power, potential, and perfection of the cosmos and thereby create successively more successful theories, maps, metaphors and meanings to represent it.

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Exposing the false philosophy of modern science?

This new mini-documentary by Mike Adams takes aim at what he calls “the false philosophy underpinning most of modern science.”  Adams attempts to explain why (he claims) “science is harming life on our planet”: (i.e., GMOs, vaccines, psychiatric drugs, nuclear weapons, etc.) — they’ve all been pursued and promoted under the brand of “science.” According to Adams, most modern scientists do not believe human beings are conscious beings, per’se.  “At its core, science perceives humans as  just ‘biological robots’ which “provides the philosophical pretext for genocide,” claims Adams

What is interesting is that Adams, a respected activist in the field of natural health, is not coming from an eschatological religious-type of mindset.  Rather, he builds upon “new-science” and core philosophy of consciousness theory.

From Mike Adams’ NaturalNews blog

(NaturalNews) I have a timely and important message to share with you today. As explained in this important mini-documentary we’ve decided to release at this moment (link below), it is time that we tore away the false facade of “modern science” and exposed the core philosophical underpinnings that have enabled so much pain, suffering and destruction to be carried out in the name of “science.”

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The Latest ‘Theory of Everything’ – From Über Gamer Athene

Chiren Boumaaza, aka Athene, the extravagant internet celebrity, and professional gamer, is “a record holder in World of Warcraft and online poker.”

‘Athene’ is known for crashing gaming servers, with the aid of his massive army of followers, who just love to be part of the controversy and trouble Athene is so well known for.

“Over the past year, we haven’t heard much from him,” blogs Evie at, “and it seemed as though he had fallen off the grid.”

Well recently Chiren broke his silence, and announced that his disappearance was due to being very busy, conducting new research in the fields of quantum mechanics, general and special relativity, and neuroscience. He continued to say that this research is culminating in significant new discoveries that will be presented in a documentary named ‘Athene’s Theory of Everything, posted here’.  This was definitely an unexpected turn, and caused quite a stir, and some confusion within his fan base.

“For the past year,” continues Evie at, “Chiren had apparently been engaged in scientific research with the same dedication and out-of-the-box thinking that we’ve seen in his record-setting stunts in online gaming. He spent a lot of time gathering relevant scientific papers, and delving into them in depth.”

Using his newly acquired information and understanding, Chiren was able to come up with an “incredible amount of new correlations” that, as he puts it, “solve a huge list of current problems in physics”. If proven correct, his findings would not only have practical, but also deeply philosophical implications.

Whatever your take, we did enjoy the the 45-min video!

Big-picture thinking: A new measure of intelligence

There exists a huge gap in practical intelligence among the so-called “smartest” people in our society.  Observing the various realms of science, medicine, experts and world events, we’ve concluded that our modern definition of “intelligence” (IQ) is seriously lacking.

Seeing the big picture with new intelligenceWhat’s lacking in these so-called “smart” people is the ability to see the bigger picture by assimilating information from a large number of seemingly unrelated sources. Or, stated in another way, even some of the most high-IQ people around can’t see the big picture because they get lost in the details.

From Mike Adams | Natural News

Memorization is not intelligence

See, the very concept of “intelligence” in our society is way off the mark. It isn’t intelligent to be able to memorize and regurgitate a huge number of facts and figures, yet this is precisely the measure of academic aptitude assessed in modern educational systems — especially in law school and medical school. To function as a crude human database of facts and figures is not very useful in an age where handheld computers and mobile computing devices can do the same thing.

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