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Featured Organizations of the Gandhi Legacy Tour of India

If you are moved to garner more information, or to make or
consider your gracious donation, for any of the groups featured in
Gandhi Legacy Tour, an ongoing list of organizations’ links is
maintained here for your convenience.

AVANI is a small and extremely devoted team directed by Ms. Anuradha Bhosale, determined to wipe out child labor in the brickyard work sites in and around Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, India. ‘AVANI’, a conjunction of Marathi letters and words means ‘food, clothing & shelter.’

Women’s India Trust is a charitable organization established in 1968, which began by training under-privileged and unskilled women in Mumbai to stitch sari petticoats. Since then, WIT has added numerous educational vocational training, helping thousands of women develop skills to earn a regular income, changing lives for the better.

MarketPlace|SHARE is an innovative fair trade and not-for-profit organization established by Pushpika Freitas in 1986, which combines the experience of running a business with a variety of support programs that effect meaningful, lasting change in the lives of low-income women in India.

Hunnarshala Foundation was created after the devastating Kutch earthquake of 2001, to build sustainable homes for urban and rural populations. Since then Hunnarshala has been offering knowledge and skills for building designs, settlement planning, social housing, disaster repair and reconstruction, wastewater treating systems and infrastructure.

KHAMIR stands for Kutch Heritage, Art, Music, Information & Resources. KHAMIR also means ‘intrinsic pride’ in ‘Kutchi,’ the local language. KHAMIR works to strengthen and promote the rich artisanal traditions of the Kutch district. At present, villagers are prosperous with notable presence.

SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) originated in 1972 as the women’s wing of Textile Labour Association (TLA, established by Gandhi in 1918. It is an organization of poor, self-employed women who earn through their own labor and small businesses.

The mission of Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya Farm & Institute is to promote peace, harmony, justice and sustainability. Navdanya strives to achieve these goals through the conservation, renewal and rejuvenation of the gifts of biodiversity received from nature and our ancestors as “commons.”

Waterman’s organization, Tarun Bharat Sangh, does ecological research and land development to provide clean fresh water to people. The organization was founded in 1975 by students and professors from University of Rajasthan. TBS seeks to bring dignity and prosperity to the life of the destitute. TBS aims for the holistic development of all, regardless of situation, caste or religion.

Barefoot College India, established in 1972 by Bunker Roy in Tilonia, a small village in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district, is a women-centered organization that provides basic services and solutions to rural communities, with the objective of making them self-sufficient and sustainable. The Barefoot College is a place of learning and unlearning. It’s a place where the teacher is the learner and the learner is the teacher.

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