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Best Business Blogging Practices for Business Owners

Business Blogging for SEO

This is the first part in a series, for accountants and other business owners.

Source: Catalyst Enterprise Solutions

We are hearing a lot of talk these days: “The end of business blogging…,” The death of business blogging…,” yada yada. And truly, blogging stats are going down a bit from previous all time highs. What with the many other channels of reader engagement, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others, it might not seem worthwhile to start or maintain a blog at your business website.

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And who will read your business blog? What would you business blog about, your products or services? As a business owner why blog? The answer: more website visitors, some of whom may become your business clients or customers.

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Saving Your Small Business Social Media Sanity!

small business social media accounting


Source: Catalyst Enterprise Solutions

What do you have to say to your clients and prospects and what do they have to say about your business or company? You certainly do not need social media to reach out to your customers and clients but it doesn’t hurt to spread your name and brand in a way others looking for someone in your field can clearly see. Social media is about more than just marketing though. It’s about learning from those you engage with.

Karen Leland on Small Business Marketing

Karen Leland

The flip side, however, is that social media management for your small business can become maddening, due to the attention drain it requires. Social media attention-deficit is on the increase, but Karen Leland at Sterling Consulting Group provided a great 5-point primer, and a cute dog story to go with.

Source: Karen Leland | Huffington Post

Earlier this week, I came across a springy King Charles spaniel happily chewing on a tennis ball, when he suddenly became aware of his owner filling up his water bowl at the drinking fountain.

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Will New Google Algorithm Punish ‘Alternative News?’

The new Google Algorithm is live.  Just over a month ago, Google announced that they were changing their algorithm in order to weaken the search engine rankings of sites they deem to be “content farmers. Read Google’s announcement here

Google Algorithm Changes May Hurt Alternative News Sites

“Whereas most of Google’s algorithm changes are barely noticeable,” Eric Blair & Michael Edwards write at Activist Post. “The current change that they have been working on since last January will affect 12% of U.S. searches.”

There has been much debate about what “content farming” is, and Google has done little to offer a clear explanation, simply stating, “low quality” or “shallow” sites would be affected. This is similar to the vague definition of pornography — you’ll know it when you see it.

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Next-Generation WordPress Websites Do It All

Created primarily-initially for bloggers, one of the biggest misconceptions people have is that WordPress is only for blogs. With its state-of-the-art characteristics however, WordPress has now become an excellent open-source web publishing platform and content management system which boasts impressive web standards, aesthetics, flexibility and great usability among its users.

Blogging platforms tend to have less functionality than the more robust non-blog Content Management Systems, but over the years WordPress has been extensively developed towards increasing sophistication. And since WordPress is free and released under GPL (General Public License), any user is allowed to modify it to meet virtually any purpose. Thus, when properly modified its one of the best content management systems available for WEBSITES.

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