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Next-Generation WordPress Websites Do It All

Created primarily-initially for bloggers, one of the biggest misconceptions people have is that WordPress is only for blogs. With its state-of-the-art characteristics however, WordPress has now become an excellent open-source web publishing platform and content management system which boasts impressive web standards, aesthetics, flexibility and great usability among its users.

Blogging platforms tend to have less functionality than the more robust non-blog Content Management Systems, but over the years WordPress has been extensively developed towards increasing sophistication. And since WordPress is free and released under GPL (General Public License), any user is allowed to modify it to meet virtually any purpose. Thus, when properly modified its one of the best content management systems available for WEBSITES.

WordPress operates on a template system, which includes widgets that can be reorganized without editing PHP or HTML codes. A vast variety of themes are also available and may be customized by simple and minor editing of PHP and HTML codes, as well as new custom themes built by expert programmers. WordPress features also include integrated link management and a VERY SEO search engine-friendly permalink structure.

WordPress is a highly advanced platform that allows extended functionality with 1000s of plugins available through a huge communtiy of developers. independent of its core files. WordPress is loaded with valuable plugin architecture, a key element which allows both users and developers to expand performance beyond its basic features. There are over 3,500 plugins one can use to extend WordPress functionality such as forum integration plug-ins, Search Engine Optimization packs, Photo Gallery add-ons, etc. And in instances when one cannot find the exact plug-in to perform a specified function, there is the option to modify an existing plug-in or formulate a new one from scratch.

Another major advantage WordPress offers is the availability of a large amount of documentation for it and superb built-in features such as the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor enables the direct manipulation of document layout without having to knowcoding. Likewise, such capability allows the user to get a preview of the final output while the document is just being created.

WordPress versatility also includes the ability to upload, manage and control images, audio and video material. Multiple tags and categories can be assigned to web postings and articles, user creation and permission level access can be assigned and supervised, multiple author capability may be enabled and script versions may be automatically upgraded, among others.

Because WordPress makes it easier to write, edit, organize and publish articles and manage web content, it has become a highly recommended and effective content management system substitute for conventional websites. Its versatilety and its huge stock of available themes and plugins saves users a lot of work time. Coupled with its adaptability and user-friendly features, WordPress is an excellent choice for a flexible, low-cost and dynamic Content Management System for any website purpose.

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