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Violence Running Rampant!

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Violence runs rampant in these austere times. An embodiment of the concept would certainly manifest as the Hydra itself, theSea Monster multi-headed serpent monster from ancient Greek mythology, a monster which Hercules himself had difficulty slaying.

Mimicking the Hydra, violence is manifold and ruthless. In today’s world, where there is mass profit from maintaining perpetual tragedies such as war, obtaining any leverage over this beast is an absolutely Herculean task.

Despite the seemingly infinite difficulties that one who chooses to walk nonviolent a path has before them, many, such as Mohandas Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King and Bell Hooks, have boldly endured innumerable gauntlets and tirelessly worked against powers terrifyingly dedicated to the preservation of global suffering, powers operating in the name of ephemeral trinkets such as money and status.

These people, some of whom can be named by grade-school children, others whose names have faded into the aether, laid the groundwork for future generations to blaze formerly unforeseen trails to a world transformed.

I consider myself one of these freshly hatched trailblazers; I’ve spent the last four of my nineteen years of life coming to political consciousness and obtaining skills that have allowed me to work against violence in its various manifestations in my life, and the world more broadly.

In the past four years, I’ve been apart of various projects dedicated to the eradication of violence and the implementation of justice. From pushing the public school system in my home city, Washington, D.C, to adopt restorative justice in various DC public schools utilizing photography and personal stories, to co-creating a theatre piece about real-life experiences with systems of oppression – and many other experiences and opportunities – these past four years have been integral to the formulation of who I am currently.

And who I am currently is still in a process of growth and discovery despite the spectacular aforementioned experiences I’ve had. Who I am currently yearns to learn, do, and grow indefinitely. Which is exactly why I came to the Gandhi Institute in September to work as a Program Intern. Read more

Gandhi’s Life in Color

review mahatma gandhi's life in colorRecently, and just in time for the holidays, I was gifted MAHATMA, Gandhi’s Life in Colour: a wonderful new Gandhi bio-pictorial book.  The publisher, GandhiServe Foundation, operates the world’s largest repository of digitized Gandhi historical media. This is a fabulous ground-breaking photo book, impressive in its size and volume of images; many of which previously unseen by me.

This grand assemblage includes a short forward by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the eminent sociologist and social reformer who increasingly is becoming known in India and abroad as the “Toilet Guru” for his efforts to bring modern toilet facilities to 300 million Indians who are still forced to defecate in the open, and to utilize such facilities to generate renewable-energy bio-gas.

Gandhi’s Life in Color

frontier gandhi redshirt armyMAHATMA, Gandhi’s Life in Colour, reintroduces to the world the iconic figure of Gandhi through preciously rare images and archival material. An interdisciplinary labor of love, Gandhi historians and scholars, photographic authorities and digital designers collaborated to transform black and white photographs into color images and authentic historical documents.

Painstakingly assembled and published by GandhiServe India, this uniquely imposing pictorially beautiful biography presents nearly 1,300 photographs spanning the entirity of Gandhi’s life in color, from 1869 thru his death in 1948, traversing 690 pages and weighing in at over 14 pounds, MAHATMA is the ultimate coffee table book for any student, lover, or adherent of Gandhian history and philosophy.

Read more

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