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Catalyst House: A Bit of History!

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July 16, 2011: With the release of the Summer 2011 newsletter The Catalyst! CAT turned 12 years old – July 16th, 1999, was the official launch of Catalyst House, when a small eclectic (and eccentric) group of visionaries and innovators decided to engage in a new business model that emphasized philanthropic entrepreneurship, social justice, and a bit of radical chic.

For the past 3-years, our CAT eNEWS has emphasized ‘small business intel’ – but our 12th birthday marks the return of our traditional editorial bent – mid market service and integration, strategic alliances, and more!  

No, we certainly haven’t abandoned our small business guidance role – Small Business Intelligence and Updates are alive and well at our Catalyst House Blog, the ADMAX Marketing Blog and the www.CatalystHouse.BIZ Blog.  

A bit of history –

The name Catalyst House was bestowed upon it by that marvelous name-smith and CAT Advisor Fred Lehrman

In nostalgia of the day, the very first newsletter issue of Catalyst eNews can be found here – 

Volume-1 Issue-1 September 1999 may be found here.

Lynnea Bylund initially started Catalyst House, Inc., summer of 1999, while she lived in Cambridge, Mass. shortly after she returned from Brazil, working on a very special project with the First Lady of Brazil and her senior staff.
Lynnea received a call from a White House laiaison as a result of my wireless trade association background, and the PCS license win, and relationship I created with her, to put together a Hi-Tech business delegation for a Presidential Trade Mission between the Asia/Pacific region.
When she got the Trade Mission she was told that she needed to be a US based company in order to be on the Trade Mission. So Catalyst House was born.
The vision broadened as the idea formed to assist small and medium sized companies towards entering into the global market place and assist them in the process of accessing capital.
11 Year Highlights of Catalyst

We initially started Catalyst House, Inc., summer of 1999, while I lived in Cambridge, Mass. shortly after I returned from Brazil, working on a very special project with officials of that country and the founder of AOL Clive Smith.

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Fredric Lerhman

Frederick LerhmanEducation & Distance-Learning.

Fredric has been exploring other techniques of conscious evolution and systems of biological energy since 1965, and has traveled world wide as a consultant and seminar leader on topics related to education, health, business psychology, and relationship dynamics. He became interested in new education in 1968, and visited many experimental schools and taught in a wide variety of classroom settings. Among these have been the Lewis Wadhams School in update New York; Simons Rock School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, the Solebury School, Solebury Pennsylvania; the University of Florida in Gainesville, the School of the Arts in Halifax. Nova Scotia; Mannes college of Music, New York City; Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado; and Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. While working at these schools he formulated the principles that evolved in 1974 into Nomad University, an explorative learning environment designed around outstanding teachers and adventuress students. Beginning in the 1970’s, he was also engaged in many entrepreneurial projects. He was a director of Domain, Ltd. a real estate company in Pennsylvania; a partner in the Arnolfini Emprise, a development firm in upstate New York; a director of the Sky Self Education Foundation in San Diego, specializing in cultural trend analysis; a director of Granite Bay Institute, a pataphysical consulting firm based in New York City; and was active in venture capital funding for new technologies. As a consultant, his clients have included Celestial Seasonings Tea company, Ellen Burstin, the Vorpal Gallery, the Center for Soviet-American Dialogue, and Banana Republic clothing Stores. He was a Senior Trainer for LRT International, a relationships training network, from 1977 through 1989.

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