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Google Will Know What You Seek BEFORE You Do!

Google Search Guru Amit Singhal

Inside Google’s search quality group, Amit Singhal heads up the main search-ranking team, which is who creates those infamous algorithms that you hear so much about these days. Amit’s division ran some 16,000 experiments in 2010 that attempted to adjust those mathematical formulas, ultimately producing over 1000 greater and lesser changes in Google’s search formula.

Dr. Singhal, a former researcher at AT&T Labs (the former Bell Labs), joined Google in 2000 and now is a Google Fellow, a title reserved for its most accomplished engineers.Eleven years on, the search guru is still obsessed by information retrieval – the name by which search was known in academic circles until the advent of the internet in the late nineties.

“The big issue is semantics—the idea that sleep, sleeping, and running are all variations of the same fundemental word. This has been researched intently by academia for over five decades. In my academic life, I said, of course, apple means the same as apples,” reminisces Singhal in a 2009 Business Week interview.

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