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IonField Toothbrush

Dear Catalyst House Friends,

Let  me introduce the IonField Toothbrush:

As we head into the straightaway towards the Christmas holidays, many of you will be wondering what to give as gifts to family, friends, business associates, and others whom you want to remember in this time of acknowledgement and appreciation. We have a suggestion.

The only qualifiers for the recipients of this gift is that they are still curious about new ideas, and that they still have teeth. If they pass that screening test, it is likely that they will be delighted to receive an IonField Toothbrush on any occasion.

This brush works for all ages, genders, nationalities, and professions (even dentists). And since this is probably one item that most people have never heard of and therefore never considered, we observe that no one seems disappointed when they open the package. They don’t have to think, “Oh no, not another one of these” or “But this isn’t my color” or “I don’t have time to read this” or any of the thousands of other issues which we all have but seldom express. They will just look puzzled.

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Then you let them read the enclosed Instruction Sheet (see below), and their faces will change. And the next time you see them, they will say, “Wow, that brush really works! THANKS!”

Here are some unedited testimonials from happy recipients:

“My own experience is that after the first brushing my teeth felt so wonderfully smooth and fresh, just like that hygienist-cleaned feeling. Two weeks later at a regular checkup, my dentist thought they were so pristine that I didn’t need any cleaning from him at all. And I normally have quite a bit of plaque.

After trying one himself for a month he ordered two more for his family. He is a particularly well-researched non-amalgam-based dentist. His understanding of the process was that the ionic charge around the toothbrush head changed the ionic charge on the tooth surface so that bacteria found it harder to stick.

D. R., New Zealand

“Holy cow, I am amazed after using the IonField toothbrush for the first time (with no toothpaste). My teeth felt cleaner than after a professional cleaning by the dentist, and I only brushed for about a minute. No more chemically-laden toothpaste or mouthwash for me!

P.S. It’s day three using the IonField Toothbrush once each day. Tea and tobacco staining have already decreased noticeably. The effect is equally apparent on my porcelain crowns as well as my own teeth. Incredible!”

Lee, British Columbia Read more

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