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Dear Catalyst House Friends,

Let  me introduce the IonField Toothbrush:

As we head into the straightaway towards the Christmas holidays, many of you will be wondering what to give as gifts to family, friends, business associates, and others whom you want to remember in this time of acknowledgement and appreciation. We have a suggestion.

The only qualifiers for the recipients of this gift is that they are still curious about new ideas, and that they still have teeth. If they pass that screening test, it is likely that they will be delighted to receive an IonField Toothbrush on any occasion.

This brush works for all ages, genders, nationalities, and professions (even dentists). And since this is probably one item that most people have never heard of and therefore never considered, we observe that no one seems disappointed when they open the package. They don’t have to think, “Oh no, not another one of these” or “But this isn’t my color” or “I don’t have time to read this” or any of the thousands of other issues which we all have but seldom express. They will just look puzzled.

ionfield tb 1…???

Then you let them read the enclosed Instruction Sheet (see below), and their faces will change. And the next time you see them, they will say, “Wow, that brush really works! THANKS!”

Here are some unedited testimonials from happy recipients:

“My own experience is that after the first brushing my teeth felt so wonderfully smooth and fresh, just like that hygienist-cleaned feeling. Two weeks later at a regular checkup, my dentist thought they were so pristine that I didn’t need any cleaning from him at all. And I normally have quite a bit of plaque.

After trying one himself for a month he ordered two more for his family. He is a particularly well-researched non-amalgam-based dentist. His understanding of the process was that the ionic charge around the toothbrush head changed the ionic charge on the tooth surface so that bacteria found it harder to stick.

D. R., New Zealand

“Holy cow, I am amazed after using the IonField toothbrush for the first time (with no toothpaste). My teeth felt cleaner than after a professional cleaning by the dentist, and I only brushed for about a minute. No more chemically-laden toothpaste or mouthwash for me!

P.S. It’s day three using the IonField Toothbrush once each day. Tea and tobacco staining have already decreased noticeably. The effect is equally apparent on my porcelain crowns as well as my own teeth. Incredible!”

Lee, British Columbia

“For a few years, I have had a gum infection – I avoid eating meat, because of the pain. I continue visiting the dentist every three months, but I still had the pain in my gums, especially when I woke up in the morning.

When I heard about the brush yesterday, I purchased it and used it as instructed last night. This morning I had no pain, and today have even been able to eat meat. The brush is simple – but it works!”

A.N., New Mexico

“After using the brushes you gave me almost a year ago, I have an interesting thing to report.

My whole family (me and my husband and four children) go to our dentist together for our regular check-ups. All of us have had life-long bad teeth and each of us always have had at least one cavity that needs fixing.

We all started using the IonField brushes together, but my two oldest kids eventually went back to their electric-powered brushes and favorite toothpastes. My two youngest, as well as my husband and myself, have stayed with the IonField brushes using only water, and prefer it that way.

Well, the dentist found that the two oldest kids had tooth problems just like before, and had to go back for second appointments to have cavities repaired. But the rest of us who had stayed with the IonField brush all had a clean bill of health for the first time ever. We were amazed.

Our teeth say “Thank You Very Much.” Please send us another set of brushes for everyone.

S.S. Sydney, Australia

And from Japan we received the following note:

“I just used only for one month, but bad breath was removed. I am impressed.”

( Tokyo‧age 20‧male )

ionfield tbWe have a limited number of these brushes in inventory, and the future supply is uncertain. You can order them most easily from our website, and then click on the link for the Store. The just scroll down the Store page until you see the brushes.

The current retail price for the brushes is normally $17 each ( USA delivery postage included). But between now and December 23 we will send you one extra toothbrush for each three that you order, for an effective price of just $12.75 each. If you order early enough we will try to get them in the mail soon enough to (probably) reach you by Christmas. (If you are in Canada or overseas, please write to us directly for the additional shipping charges.)

Please read the instructions below and act on the “4 for the price of 3” special offer right away. Remember, if your friends have teeth, they want this brush, not to mention how much they can save by not needing to buy toothpaste and having lower dental bills for life! If you don’t give all the brushes away now, you can always use them later for birthday presents, graduation presents, anniversaries, or whenever you want to make a lasting impression. If you are a new father, you can give these out to smokers and non-smokers alike! No matter what, you can always give them to your own teeth if you can’t think of anyone else’s.

You will find the color and bristle selection (soft or medium) in the photographs below or on the website. Right now we still have Turquoise, Pink, and Yellow in “soft”, and White or Pink in “medium”. (The red and blue colors are currently sold out.)

Please fill out the order form for three, six, or nine brushes (We will add the bonus brushes accordingly. That way you will avoid being billed for the extra brush). At the end of the order process you will find a box for specifying the colors you want. Please remember to fill in your preferences there. If we run out of a color we will send you an email to let you know, and you can change your selection; or, you can just indicate in the “Additional Order Details” box on the original order form that you will trust us to make a substitution if necessary.

On the way down the page through our Nomad University Store, you will pass several other items that may catch your attention. These work just as well as the toothbrush, but they clean up your financial problems rather than your teeth. And for those really special gifts, they can be personally signed for the designated recipient by the author. If you are interested in learning more about our “Art&Spirit” Limited Edition Poster series or other products, please write for information. We are also offering special discounts this month for combinations of the Audio courses with toothbrushes. If you order one or both of our Prosperity courses we will add three brushes for free. These special packages must be ordered using Write for specific instructions:

Nomad University
P.O. Box 50024
Bellevue, WA 98015

[email protected]

We wish you and your teeth a Happy Holiday Season

and a very Healthy Dental Year in 2015 and beyond.

Now, here are the promised instructions:

ionfield tb 2

ionfield tb 2

About Our Toothbrush
Toothbrush Instructions

The brush requires no toothpaste. You can use a little sea salt or a small amount of baking soda if you wish, but it is optional, as water alone is effective. The occasional use of sea salt or baking soda will stimulate the gums and enhance the ionic effect.

After flossing your teeth, moisten the bristles and head of the IonField brush with cold water. Then simply brush your teeth gently for 1-2 minutes, being sure to work the bristles well along the gumline and inner surfaces of teeth. Give special attention to any problem areas and deep pockets. Then rinse with cool water.

When wet, the two metal disks in the back of the head, one copper and the other a magnesium alloy, create a strong anti-bacterial field. You may notice a short period of reaction from your gums when you first start to use the brush, but this is a sign of healing and will pass in a few days.

After use, simply rinse the bristles well with cold water, and allow to air-dry. The field generated by the metal disks will continue the antibacterial action as the brush dries, thus keeping the bristles sterile.

Use the brush at least twice a day. (You may continue using your normal toothbrush with toothpaste as well if you like.) The brush should last about six months. Many have used one for longer with good results, and have gone for over six months using no toothpaste at all with no problems noted by their dentist.

This toothbrush has been tested by dentists in the U.S. and Japan with very exciting results. If you wish to conduct your own test, please talk to your dentist and design a protocol that will give you a baseline and then record changes over a 60-day period.

If your dentist does a bacterial test before you start to use the brush, and then checks again after about 14 days, the findings should be quite clear. Please send any interesting reports to:

Nomad University
P.O. Box 50024
Bellevue, WA 98015
[email protected]

After testing, any dentist who would like to supply the brushes to patients should contact us for quantity discounts.


Frederick LerhmanFredric Lerhman

Fredric has been exploring other techniques of conscious evolution and systems of biological energy since 1965, and has traveled world wide as a consultant and seminar leader on topics related to education, health, business psychology, and relationship dynamics. He became interested in new education in 1968, and visited many experimental schools and taught in a wide variety of classroom settings. Among these have been the Lewis Wadhams School in update New York; Simons Rock School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, the Solebury School, Solebury Pennsylvania; the University of Florida in Gainesville, the School of the Arts in Halifax. Nova Scotia; Mannes college of Music, New York City; Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado; and Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. While working at these schools he formulated the principles that evolved in 1974 into Nomad University, an explorative learning environment designed around outstanding teachers and adventuress students. Beginning in the 1970’s, he was also engaged in many entrepreneurial projects. He was a director of Domain, Ltd. a real estate company in Pennsylvania; a partner in the Arnolfini Emprise, a development firm in upstate New York; a director of the Sky Self Education Foundation in San Diego, specializing in cultural trend analysis; a director of Granite Bay Institute, a pataphysical consulting firm based in New York City; and was active in venture capital funding for new technologies. As a consultant, his clients have included Celestial Seasonings Tea company, Ellen Burstin, the Vorpal Gallery, the Center for Soviet-American Dialogue, and Banana Republic clothing Stores. He was a Senior Trainer for LRT International, a relationships training network, from 1977 through 1989.



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