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Emilia Queiroga Barros

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Emilia Queiroga Barros Catalyst

Internationally recognised, Emilia conducts works and leads change and sensitivity in aspects of human consciousness development, sustainability and innovation. She has worked 30 years as an educator, speaker and expert in knowledge based on oral communication connection, science & consciousness in evolutionary processes both individual and collective. Since 1988 Emilia has beena mentor and Special Advisor of individuals, educators, leaders and special projects of public and private organisations, nationally and internationally.

She is a passionate promoter of events and programs that increase awareness and guide people in the process of collective and collaborative thinking, transforming ideas and visions into innovative action.

Among Emilia’s accomplishments are:

Vice President of the Global Urban Development – GUD; Representative for Latin America of the State of the World Forum; Member of the Board of Women Earth and Climate Caucus WECC, UNESCO; President of the Center for integration of Sciences; Mentor and conteúdista for Oscar Motomura; Valued partner, mentor, oral communication facilitator of university programs and the Open Lab UEXP since its foundation; Member of the International Commission of Drafting the Earth Charter; Founder and core member of the Mentor NIC-nucleus of creative intelligence-company providing organizational and educational services; Founder and President of NIC-core integration of Sciences 1994-2009, non-profit-for construction and dissemination of consciousness in the exercise of ethical, sustainable, Integrative action and harmonic, geared to the common good.

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