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A New Year’s Greeting from Bermuda

We caught up with our old friend and client Elmore Warren, president of Fresh TV in Bermuda, recently. Fresh TV is Bermuda’s only independent community TV system, on the air since 2000.

Elmore had just finished a successful inaugural Bermuda Music Video Awards, honoring Bermuda’s top musical talent. The Awards included live performances and video mixing, Skype and Cable TV shout outs as well as the awards ceremony itself.

As Elmore explained:  

“It was about having a celebration of our local Bermuda music industry — that’s the most important thing — to show an appreciation of our artists. Many of the awards are attached to some of Bermuda’s cultural icons, past and present, including tributes to Bermuda born jazz great Lance Hayward, beloved Bermuda entertainment impresario, the late Eddy DeMello and balladeer Hubert Smith — some of the greatest in the industry. It is important to connect our young entertainers with the cultural icons of years gone by.”

Those striving and thriving in Bermuda’s entertainment industry that were recognized at the inaugural Fresh TV Awards, included…

Female rapper Imari Wade was named the Sally Bassett Best Female Artist of 2013 in a year that has seen her win Best Overall Rapper at the HOTT 1075 Hip Hop Challenge Awards.

Returning to Bermuda following a harrowing experience caught up in the Westgate Shopping Mall shoot out in Nairobi, dancer-singer-author Joanne Ball-Burgess is now in the news on a happier note picking up The Mary Prince International World Cross-over Artist of 2013.

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Fresh Creations, Ltd. / Fresh TV, Bermuda

Fresh TV bermudaFresh Creations Ltd. was founded in 1993 to produce television programming, corporate videos, commercials, and live video recordings for the Bermuda market. In 1997 Fresh Creations struck a deal with Guinness International to underwrite the production and marketing of a half-hour reggae music series to be seen in Bermuda and the Caribbean. The Guinness-branded series, GTV, featuring music videos and concert highlights of top reggae artists struck a chord with international audiences as well. Shortly after its premier season Fresh Creations signed two distribution agreements with UK’s Channel 4 and South Africa’s e-TV to air the programmes in their respective territories. Notwithstanding the company’s success at television production, it continues to command a high profile in non-broadcast productions and commercial work for Bermuda-based and overseas advertising agencies.

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