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Fresh Creations, Ltd. / Fresh TV, Bermuda

Fresh TV bermudaFresh Creations Ltd. was founded in 1993 to produce television programming, corporate videos, commercials, and live video recordings for the Bermuda market. In 1997 Fresh Creations struck a deal with Guinness International to underwrite the production and marketing of a half-hour reggae music series to be seen in Bermuda and the Caribbean. The Guinness-branded series, GTV, featuring music videos and concert highlights of top reggae artists struck a chord with international audiences as well. Shortly after its premier season Fresh Creations signed two distribution agreements with UK’s Channel 4 and South Africa’s e-TV to air the programmes in their respective territories. Notwithstanding the company’s success at television production, it continues to command a high profile in non-broadcast productions and commercial work for Bermuda-based and overseas advertising agencies.

Working in conjunction with the client, Fresh Creations is involved from concept development to final delivery of the completed project. Each of these production revenue streams (Broadcast and Non-Broadcast) account for about fifty percent of company revenues. Like many production companies, Fresh Creations owns and operates its own equipment, controlling both the quality of output and the costs associated with production. In the Bermuda market, where extensive facilities common to larger centres like Los Angeles, New York, or Toronto are more limited, Fresh Creations has a commitment to maintain and upgrade its facilities to keep ahead of local competitors and stay up-to-date with ever changing technology.BERMUDA’S third broadcasting company will finally hit the airwaves on May 23, 2003. The launch comes almost a year after the Ministry of Telecommunications granted FRESH TV use of Channel Three free of charge for a one-year trial period.

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