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Mulford Family Line
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Mulford Family Line

My paternal great-great grandmother, mother of William Clyde Barrett was Susan Mulford. Susan was born November 6, 1839 and died February 12, 1917 at age of 77 years 3 months and 6 days. She died of pneumonia and old age was a contributing factor. She is buried at Lakeside Cemetery in Port Huron on Valentine’s Day. She died at home at the address of 923 Stone Street, 5th Ward, Port Huron, St. Claire County. On her death certificate, it states that her mother is Susan Meeker and father Jacob Mulford.

Susan Mulford, my paternal great-grandmother, wife of George Barrett: children Harvey M. (1860-1913), Frederic, Edwin (died in Pontiac, Michigan age 61), Bert and my great-grandfather William. Susan had twin girls after William (1871) but they died at birth.

Susan Mulford is the daughter of Private Jacob Mulford (17931886). (Ramakrishna died Aug 15, 1886) Her father was born Jan 15, 1793 in New Jersey, USA. He passed on August 5, 1886 in Port Huron, St. Clair County. Confirmed she is the daughter of Susan Meeker who was born in New Jersey.

Jacob’s Father is Jeremiah Mulford my 4th time great-grandfather who is a founding member and initial elected official of Springfield, New Jersey.

There is a book that lists Jeremiah Mulford as the commissioners of appeal of the newly formed Springfield Township. He served alongside with Matthias Meeker whose daughter would marry his son Jacob. (Jacob Mulford and Susan Horton Meeker-Mulford). They had Susan Mulford who married George Barrett, William Barrett’s parents, who are my Grandmother Isabel Barrett-Bylund (“Izzy’s”) grandparents. Grandma “Izzy” named my father Richard Barrett Bylund.  Potter, Meeker, and Mulford all our “great-grandparents maiden names” family lineage, played a part of organizing the township of Springfield April 14, 1794 in Union County.

Jacob is the son of Jeremiah Mulford, of Cheapside. Husband of Susan Meeker. Susan’s father is John Meeker and her mother Sally Potter. (Susan Mulford) Susan was born in the 1796-1798 in Springfield, New Jersey. Susan and Jacob Mulford are the parents of William Rheams Mulford, John Mulford, Susan Mulford and Sarah Mulford. Susan Horton Meeker-Mulford died September 1870 at the age of 72 at home of “Consumption.” Consumption and pneumonia are noted together. Consumption was one of the leading causes of death at this time. She died in Port Huron, Michigan 2nd Ward.

Jacob served in the War of 1812. He served in the New Jersey Militia during the War of 1812; he was at Connecticut guarding the coast against British invasion; he also served with Commodore Perry when he won a victory at Lake Erie. His residence 1850 Huron St. Clair Country, MI USA and 1880 Port Huron, St. Clair County, MI USA. He is buried at the Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan, USA.

In 1870, Jacob Mulford may have witnessed or experienced political discrimination while living in St. Clair, Michigan after ratification of the 15th Amendment. The 15th Amendment outlawed racial discrimination at the election polls, white leaders in the South ignored the Constitution. The Republican Party gained an African American voting bloc in the North. The South implemented many obstacles making it very difficult for the African American to cast a vote.

Photos below: Private Jacob Mulford (1793-1886)

(Susan Mulford’s father, Isabelle Barrett Bylund’s Great Grandfather)

my 3rd time Great Grandfather.

In 1870 when Jacob was 77 he was living in the household with George Barrett (35), Susan Mulford-Barrett (35), Harvey M. Barrett (9), Frederic (7), and Edward (5). Jacob lived with his wife Susan in Port Huron when the 1860 Census was taken, he was 67 and she was 62. Jacob was working as a shoemaker. They owned their home and valued it at $3,000 and listed $400 in personal values. His wife and Susan’s mother died September 3, 1870 leaving him a widow. Susan’s father is John Meeker.

In the 1880 Census it shows that, Susan’s father Jacob Mulford remarries Cordelia Mulford. He is 87 and she is 53. She stayed home with Jacob as a homemaker. Cordelia was born in Vermont and her father in New York.

Susan Mulford’s brother is William Rheams Mulford (18231902). William was born March 20, 1823 in Springfield Union County, New Jersey, USA. Springfield Township is a township in Union County that was formed as a township on April 14, 1794 (Arun Gandhi’s birthday and Ramana Maharshi’s Maha Samadhi Anniversary), from portions of Elizabeth Township and Newark Township while the area was still part of Essex County the year after his father Jacob was born Jan. 15, 1793 in New Jersey. The township’s name derives from springs and brooks in the area. He passed away March 2, 1902 in Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan.

He married Martha Steadman Smith (1st), Diantha Fidelia Jones, b. New York (2nd) Mary Emily Stevens (3rd) and Mary S. Havens (4th). He married Mary Havens in Vermont October 23, 1883. Son of Jacob Mulford and Susan Meeker. Father of William Jeremiah Mulford and Kate Maud Mulford. In 1850 William was living in Port Huron with Diantha and William J. who was 4 years old at the time. In 1860, William was still living with Diantha, William J. is now 14 and Kate 6 years old. They have a servant and two workers living with them. Diantha was 2 years older than William R. Mulford.

William R. Mulford was a furniture maker and furniture dealer and an undertaker. Undertaker’s during this time became instant millionaires. He expanded his furniture business into other states with the use of the railroads transporting his products from Michigan. He is buried at the Woodland Cemetery in Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan USA. He died of paralyses on March 2, 1902 at age 78 years old. Location of passing 4th ward 715 Howard, Port Huron. In 1860 Census he had $9,000 in assets, a servant Bridget Morrison from Ireland, a cabinet maker James Sloan from Canada and a John Taner atunxxx from Germany and his wife Diantha from Massachusetts. Township 2 W. Port Huron. He also had a furniture store in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In the 1870 Census, he was married to Mary E, he was living in a home worth $10,000 US. His wife was a homemaker with two young children, he was a furniture dealer with $3,000 in personal assets. He has a domestic servant and laborer from Russia living in their home. 1880 Census he was married to Margaret and was still in the furniture business. He added also became an undertaker. During the 1880 Census he was 34 years old and Margaret was 2 years older than he was.

William enlisted into the military as Private in the Marines in Michigan, Infantry, September 8, 1864 and served until May 26, 1886. (Ramakrishna died Aug 15, 1886) Minor Civil Division of the city of Port Huron. Company H. He served one year, 9 months and 18 days.

Photos below: William Rheams Mulford (1823-1902)

(Susan Mulford’s Brother, Isabelle Barrett Bylund’s great Uncle)

My 3rd time great uncle

Lieutenant William Jeremiah Mulford born December 5, 1845 in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey. He died Feb 27, 1913 Battle Creek, Calhoun County in Michigan. He is the son of William Rheams Mulford and Martha Smith. Husband of Margaret Sleeper. Father of Martha Mulford, Mabel Mulford, Kate M. Mulford, Margaret Mulford and Helen Mulford. Served the union Army in the US Civil War. Company H and Company K of the Third Regiment Michigan Infantry.

His Civil War Service Profile: William J. Mulford: Port Huron, MI: age of enlistment 18: enlistment date: August 26, 1864:

Rank at Enlistment: Private

Enlistment Place: Port Huron

State Served: Michigan

Survived the war? Yes

Service Record:

Promoted to Full Sergeant on Sept 23, 1864

Enlisted in Company H, Michigan 3rd Infantry Regiment on Sept 7 1864

Promoted to Full Color Sergeant on Nov 18 1864

Promoted to Full Sergeant Major on Feb 18 1865

Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant on March 12 1865

Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant on Nov 28 1865

Mustered out on May 25 1866 at Victoria, Texas

Sources: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers 1861-65.

He is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan. Plot Section P, Lot 67, Grave 1.

Photo below: of Flag of the 3rd Michigan Infantry carried by Lieutenant William Jeremiah Mulford.

(Susan Mulford’s Nephew, Isabelle Barrett Bylund’s 2nd Cousin)

My First Cousin 3x removed

After the war, per the 1870 Census, William J. Mulford was 24 years old, he is working as a furniture dealer like his father, in his father’s business. His wife Margaret is 26 years old keeping house. His wife is born in New York. Margaret’s sister living with them who is a school teacher, 26 years Ms. Gale Sleeper who was also born in New York. He grew to own his own Furniture store by 1910 and had two daughters and two grandchildren living with he and Margaret at age 64 and 66. Margaret is the elder of the two.

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